Diving Sail Rock

Sail Rock is the most renown dive site in the Gulf of Thailand. And it’s kind of let fame go to it’s head. From Koh Tao, you can only get here via special pricey trips that some dive shops run once a week or so.

Sail Rockthe world famous Sail Rock

I’ve been to Sail Rock twice now, once while working and once for a very indulgent treat: a fun dive trip with Mark and divemaster trainee friend Kat. Mark and I came armed with one still camera and one video camera and had fun switching off and documenting the day.

Sail Rock

Diving for fun, and diving alone with two friends who are both dive professionals, is such a different experience than diving for work or even for fun but being led by a stranger. We are all self declared “slow divers” and have no qualms about spending seven minutes of dive time staring at a fish and trying to figure out what celebrities they remind us of (or maybe that was just me doing the last part?)

Sail Rock

The trip starts with a two hour journey to the dive site, which looks so spectacularly unspectacular that you’re gearing up thinking, “Really? This is it?

Underwater Videography

Then you descend the sides of the pinnacle, and you are surrounded by the largest schools of fish you’ve ever seen in your life, and you think, yes, this is it.

Sail Rock Anenome

Sail Rock boasts four sides of beautiful walls to explore, a vertical swim through chimney (featured in the video below), and several plateaus teeming with life. Even diving slowly and going deep when we please, we can make it around the Rock in one tank.

Sail Rock

Unfortunately, the visibility this day was pretty disappointing, as you can see from the photo above, taken by Mark, which is otherwise a fantastic photo of an eel swimming through the coral. Sail Rock may be known for it’s large schools of fish, but in these conditions it’s best to look for the small stuff. As I’ve said before, when visibility is poor, it’s best to focus on macro-shots, as it puts less debris between you and the camera.

Sail Rocknudibranch

Sail Rock is a deep dive site, so colors can get quite distorted. You can color correct with Photoshop and other editing programs, but what I really needed for these photos was a strobe (an underwater camera flash) to bring back in the color.

Sail Rock

Sail Rock

For a while Mark and I switched off still camera and video camera and Mark had his first go at underwater videography. I think being behind a camera is such a thrill, it’s even fun watching someone else discover it for the first time.

Sail Rock

The best part of diving for me (and I think most people) is finding the marine life. Especially when you can find things that look like a character out of the movie Avatar. While I don’t logically believe in aliens (though “Underwater UFO” is one of my top incoming Google search terms), I don’t really see how there can be any other explanation for the existence of the nudibranch species.

Sail Rock Nudibranch

Most surfaces underwater are rough and textured, so this slick shiny shell caught my eye immediately. I love its dramatic placement in the jaws of a clam.

Sail Rock

The anemones on the left were such a sight. The current kept them whipping around like spaghetti. You can get an even better idea in the video below. The photo on the right features just a basic Pin Cushion Sea star, but I love the variety in color and composition.

Sail Rock

Can you spot the crab in this photo? One shell wasn’t enough for him so he’s taken shelter in an even larger one.

Sail Rock

Are you sick of looking at fish yet? As I mentioned, we were also shooting video.

Underwater Videography

I tried hard to narrow it down as I know the attention span of most internet users is up long before six minutes. But there was so much great footage, this was the best I could do. It’s worth a watch!

A trip to Sail Rock should be on the must-dive list for any scuba enthusiast heading through the Gulf of Thailand. Trips run daily from Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan, which don’t have many dive sites of their own, but it’s easy to visit from the dive mecca of Koh Tao as well.

Sail Rock Roctopus

Contact Roctopus Dive in Koh Tao to get yourself out to Sail Rock. Standard trips are 3,000 baht and include two dives, equipment, a divemaster, and breakfast and lunch.

14 Responses to “Diving Sail Rock”

  1. Amazing photos! You must have used a very professional underwater camera.
    globalcitizensam recently posted..The BIG Summer Plan

    • Alex says:

      Hey Sam, actually not too professional! As I mentioned to Kris above, the underwater still shots are with a relatively inexpensive set up of a Canon 1300 powershot and the associated Canon housing. I think I paid $360 for both!

  2. Dad says:

    OK… must have a gig with National Geographic to be getting all these great aquatic shots

    • Alex says:

      You are very flattering! In all honesty none of these photos I was very happy with :) I guess we hold ourselves to a higher standard that anyone else.

  3. Steve McKee says:

    am I the only one who couldn’t find the video link for this post???

  4. Kris Koeller says:

    Wow, your underwater shots came out really well. I’ve tried a few times with no luck, but I was using a crappy disposable underwater camera. Might have to invest in a real rig…
    Kris Koeller recently posted..On the Beach at Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos

    • Alex says:

      The underwater still shots are with a relatively inexpensive set up of a Canon 1300 powershot and the associated Canon housing. I think I paid $360 for both!

  5. These macro shots are incredible! My fave is of the nudibranch. :)
    Andi of My Beautiful Adventures recently posted..My Wedding & Honeymoon: Day 6-10 (Part 15)

  6. You were actually lucky enough to have a day with decent vis at Sail Rock. We went diving there last weeekend but was quite murky sadly ;(

    • Alex says:

      I’ve been twice now and I’ve thought the vis was pretty mediocre both times. But I’m spoiled after doing way too much diving in Grand Cayman- which features glass-like water year ’round!

  7. But is there as much to see in the waters around Grand Cayman? On a good day round Sail Rock it is packed out with marine life.

    • Alex says:

      It depends, Dave! In the fall the coves at Eden Rock are filled with silversides, and there is nothing like it. All year round you have pretty much guaranteed stingray sightings at Stingray City. And turtles are pretty much a daily occurrence around the island. It definitely doesn’t match up to the major schools of fish you see at Sail Rock though, you are right!

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