Photo of the Week 89

Ahem. Remember this post? Written just about a week or so ago? About how I was saying goodbye to Koh Tao?

Guess where I am right now.

Well, what can I say. It’s a bloggers’ prerogative to change her mind? To be fair, I never said I wouldn’t come back for another visit (though I did say it wouldn’t be on this trip — whoops). Last week, as you may recall, I was in the middle of a three-day panic attack. I had a ticket to the Philippines, but something didn’t feel right. I had so much work to catch up on, and six weeks in a challenging and new country ahead of me — and I was constantly on the brink of tears. With four hours to go before my flight, I decided to follow my heart and delay my ticket — three more weeks in Thailand followed by three weeks in the Philippines. I felt a weight off my shoulders the moment I made the call.

So far, it seems I made the right decision. A friend who just returned from the Philippines told me I would have been just about two weeks early for peak season for everything I was most excited about — whale sharks, manta rays, and the famous rice terraces. Then I found out I’ll now be overlapping with blogger friend Hannah for my last few days in Bangkok. And at the moment I’m enjoying traveling with the lovely Lindsay and a friend from Hawaii through Southern Thailand.

Since I got here it’s just been, well, the usual — work, Muay Thai, work, massages, work, party, work, beach! I’m catching up on freelance work, trying to get back into the blogging groove, guest posting on about How To Travel Hawaii on a Budget, and tackling little things on my to-do list like using my Vistaprint coupons to order new business cards. Next week I’ll be onto Railay to try rock climbing and visit a new destination in Thailand!

Onto Photo of the Week…

Photo A
Koh Tao SunriseI loved the sky on this cloudy morning over the island.

Photo B
Koh Tao Night DiveThis seems to be one of my signature shots these days… this one being a little different as it’s before a night dive!

Photo C
Koh Tao DivingWho doesn’t love a cheeky clownfish?

Photo D
Koh Tao DivingA colorful dive at Chumphon Pinnacle.

Photo E
Sai Nuan BeachAt Sai Nuan beach, my favorite on the island.

Photo F
Fire Dancers Koh TaoFire dancing on the beach!

Which photo is your favorite?

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27 Responses to “Photo of the Week 89”

  1. Glad to see that your choice to stay in Thailand longer has worked out greatly before! I think sometimes you just need to go with your gut to do whatever is best for you.

    Melanie Fontaine recently posted..Scotland: Skye I – The Quiraing

  2. Not picking this week, they are all AMAZING!!!

  3. Olivia says:

    My vote is A, C and D! All of them!

  4. I’m going with C. I think its describes your adventure perfectly!
    Ashley Hufford recently posted..Eating Healthy….At Work

  5. Sophie says:

    M’y favorite is C. He is adorable !
    Sophie recently posted..The Loving Hut in Cape Coral: My Review

  6. Julie says:

    Torn between the sunglass reflection and the spinning fire. I’ve found trusting your gut is the best advice out there. Are you still planning to do your Dive Master in the Philippines?
    Julie recently posted..Places I Would Rather be on Monday Morning: Snowny Swiss Alps

  7. Chris Shaw says:

    I’ll take E,…it speaks to the spirit of your wonderful blog, and perhaps yours?!?!? ;>)

  8. Gram says:

    I love the sunglasses and beach towel—very artistic, but my very favorite is A. What an artist God is!!!!!!!! and you caught it. Good for you

  9. Margy says:

    Can’t decide between C and E

  10. I love D! And good for your for doing what’s best for you.
    Ashley of Ashley Abroad recently posted..The Beauty of Doing Nothing while Traveling

  11. Kristen Noelle says:

    Photo A is surrealistically awesome, and the sun glass reflection in E is reminiscent of a favorite activity of mine — lazing on the beach.. aahhh. They both get my votes!

  12. Hannah says:

    I’m going with A this week – that sky is just glorious – but they are all amazing. And yeay!!! I get to see you in just over a week. I’m so excited :)
    Hannah recently posted..A day to listen to

  13. Heather says:

    E! But A is gorgeous too…can’t wait for those views! Enjoy climbing at Railay–I’m headed there later in my trip and I’ve heard so many good things about it. Climbing is awesome and it looks like an amazing location for it!

    • Alex says:

      Thanks Heather! Just arrived in Railay and the views will make you cry happy tears…. but the wifi will make you cry sad ones!

  14. Great pictures! I especially love the one with the sunglasses on the beach :) Makes me want to go there.

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