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Can you believe that I used to post just ONE photo each week for this feature? My indecisiveness clearly knows no bounds, because this week we’re up to eight.

This week I’m posting from Ton Sai beach in Krabi, Thailand. This is a totally new destination for me, and one I’m actually glad I didn’t research more. Had I done so, the lack of Internet might have kept me away (I’m currently blogging via the global data plan on my iPhone!), and then I might have missed out on the most insanely beautiful place I’ve ever visited in Thailand. I spend most of the day staring slack-jawed at the unreal scenery in front of me before snapping out of my reverie and jumping around screaming “Does everyone see this? Is this really happening right now?!”

Yeah, it’s that good. For more Photo Of The Minute style updates, check out my Instagram feed (link in sidebar). But for now, onto Photo of the Week…

Photo A
Babaloo Bar Koh TaoOne of my favorite spots on Koh Tao — the super funky Babaloo Bar.

Photo B
The Full Moon Party happened. Big time. Hence this week’s sporadic post schedule!

Photo C
My big “try something new!” experiment for the week: trapeze lessons! Can’t wait to tell you more.

Photo D
Alas, I said goodbye to Koh Tao for the millionth time. Doesn’t get easier.

Photo E
Railay Beach Thailand…However, the pain was eased by my arrival in Railay, easily the most scenic place I’ve been in Thailand.

Photo F
Yesterday we rented a kayak and explored the different beaches, caves and coves.

Photo G
I know there was a fire dancing photo thrown in the mix last week, but in my defense: I didn’t know that this week’s would be so much better!

Photo E

Rock Climbing Railay

And finally, the real reason people come to Railay — to rock climb! It’s SO much harder than it looks. As always, can’t wait to share more beyond these teasers…

Which photo is your favorite? Tell me why in the comments below!

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Psssst! Check out my interview this week with Amanda from A Dangerous Business! It’s my favorite interview yet.

  • zoomingjapan
    March 4 2013

    Wow, I love the color of the ocean!
    Great photos!

    I just visited Okinawa (Japan) in January, but had bad weather 2 weeks straight, so I didn’t get to take any nice beach / ocean photos.

    • Alex
      March 5 2013

      Weather can be such a downer :/ The world really is a different place when the sun shines… especially beach destinations!

  • Olivia
    March 4 2013

    Photo C!! So bummed I didn’t make it to trapeze last visit… guess I’ll have to go back!

    • Alex
      March 5 2013

      It was AMAZING… so sorry you didn’t get to do it… but I bet we can find a place in NYC! :)

  • Chris Shaw
    March 4 2013

    “E!” he said, after coming back from 3 miles at 25 degrees with flurries! ;>}}}BRRR

    • Alex
      March 5 2013

      Yikes! Not sad to be missing winter this year :)

  • Kathryn Allen
    March 4 2013

    Photo D says “I heart Ko Tao” so perfectly.

  • wes
    March 5 2013

    I abstain this week, they’re all pretty bad*

    (*may or may not be because I’m jealous, as I’m in Melbourne)**

    (** this is a wigout given I promised to make a hilarious comment, but I just can’t bring myself to do it)

    • Alex
      March 5 2013

      And once again, you win… funniest comment of the week :)

  • Jade
    March 5 2013

    Glad to see you back online! I don’t know what I would do without my AlexinWanderland fix, especially while I am slogging away writing my dissertation!

    Can’t wait to here about your time at the Full Moon- so many people hate on it but if you are sensible it is just an amazing party! I mean you are dancing on the beach until sunrise, how is that bad?!
    Jade recently posted..Memory Lane Monday: Early morning welcome in Mombasa

    • Alex
      March 5 2013

      You’re too sweet Jade :) Thank you! And yes… lots of dishing about the Full Moon Party to come. But if you can’t wait, look through my archives… I’ve been before :)

  • Emily in Chile
    March 5 2013

    Photo D is perfect for a project my friend is doing in honor of her late son ( I know some photos aren’t for sharing, but I’m sure she’d love to have your contribution from Thailand if you feel like passing it along.
    Emily in Chile recently posted..Saturday in Santiago: BocaNariz Wine Bar

    • Alex
      March 8 2013

      Thanks for thinking of me Emily… I just submitted!

  • Melissa McClure
    March 5 2013

    Love this blog! I just was in Railey Bay photographing a wedding in December. Seriously the best trip of my life so far, I can’t wait to get back! So glad you are enjoying it :)

    Photo E is my fav…makes me miss it! :)

    • Alex
      March 8 2013

      I just went poking around your blog hoping to find photos of said wedding :) I can’t imagine a more beautiful place to get married!

  • Helen
    March 5 2013

    My favourite photo is the last, just because I would never think of rock climbing with Thailand – changed my perception!
    Helen recently posted..Stepping back onto the Soren Larsen

    • Alex
      March 8 2013

      Railay is definitely a major rock climbing hot spot! Thailand has a lot to offer adventure sport lovers :)

  • Girl, you are easily one of the best blogger photographers online! E wins this time!!!
    Andi of My Beautiful Adventures recently posted..Buenos Aires, Argentina: Recoleta Cemetery (Part 3)

    • Alex
      March 8 2013

      Andi, what a compliment! Thank you so much, means a lot to me!

  • Kristen Noelle
    March 6 2013

    C, D, G, F, and E! (As you see, I can be just as indecisive… Why must you take such great pics!?!)

    I’m in awe of how many different corners of Thailand you find and everything you get yourself into. Your adventures may just be the reason I go back!!

    • Alex
      March 8 2013

      Kristen that is such a sweet and lovely comment, thank you so much! Sometimes I feel like I’m being quite lazy in my travels but I guess active times like this make up for it :) Hope you make it back to Thailand soon!

  • Jen
    March 6 2013

    I love D because those are the types of pictures I love to capture on my trips. I’m so jealous right now — it looks like you’re having a blast!
    Jen recently posted..Eeeeee… time to start running!

    • Alex
      March 8 2013

      I am having such a blast Jen :) Can’t believe this trip is half way over already… how did that happen?!?!

  • aftri
    March 14 2013

    Hi Alex!

    I really enjoy to read your blogposts. Last time I read about Ayutthaya. Now that I read others, I regret coming to Thailand only for 6 days and only around Bangkok (though still have one day to explore Ayutthaya) 😆

    Great writings 😉

    • Alex
      March 16 2013

      Thanks Aftri! You’ll have to come back for longer next time… it’s worth it :)

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