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Peru By Polaroid

I’m off taking a real vacation in the only place possible: one without wifi. While I lock away my computer and play on the beach for two days, I asked my dear friend and Peru travel buddy Zoe Norvell to fill in for me. At this point in my life: I can’t be bothered with taking pictures. I sometimes find it distracting to be behind a lens, which is why when I got ready for my trip to Peru I only... read more

A Traveler’s Retreat: My Bedroom Makeover

Readers, would you indulge me a slightly off topic post? I promise there is some fun travel goodness in this post about my bedroom makeover! This summer I was pretty busy with  jaunts to Colorado, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Myrtle Beach, Martha’s Vineyard and more. You might think when I wasn’t on the road I’d be kicking back and taking a break. But as my good friend Michelle pointed... read more

My Seven Super Shots

I love a good internet meme, like the ABC’s of Travel, or the Capture the Color contest. It’s fun to see what other bloggers come up with, to get tagged, and to add your own contribution into the mix. If you’re an avid blog readers chances are you’ve also seen My Seven Super Shots, the meme that lets bloggers reflect on some of their top photography. And if you’re me, chances... read more

Eight Amazing Travel Videos

My video One Week in Iceland was my first ever attempt creating a land-based travel video. For those of you that don’t know, I’ve worked as an underwater videographer in the Cayman Island and in Thailand, so I have tons of experience with filming underwater but not much with filming above it! I love the editing process (I use Final Cut Pro) but often when I’m on location I’m so... read more

Capture The Color

I think I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time in my life thinking about color. First I went to art school and spent years mixing the perfect shade, breaking it down into pieces and putting it on a chart — sometimes literally. Then I became an avid photographer and underwater videographer and chained myself to my computer trying to find the perfect color balance. And don’t even get me... read more

Greece: 40 Years Through the Lens

Forty years ago this summer, my maternal Grandmother traveled from her home town of Decatur, Illinois, to explore the islands of Greece. The year was 1971 and she had lost her husband the winter before. She traveled with two couples, and took a very similar route to the one that my Mom and I (her daughter and granddaughter) took this summer. As I was planning my own trip and found out about the one my... read more

A Bon Voyage Bash Part II

As you all know, graduation parties are about more than just cakes, balloons and invitations. They are also about taco buffets and balloon photo shoots. Just kidding. There’s also the details like hanging out with your friends and family who traveled miles and miles to be there. My Dad’s side of the family, minus my little sister who was selfishly in Bali My Grandma, all the way from... read more

A Bon Voyage Bash Part I

One of the best things about graduating and leaving for a big trip is the party you get to have first! And this was no ordinary graduation party. This was both a graduation celebration and a bon voyage party. When we started sending invitations I didn’t really stop to add up the numbers but in the end we had over 60 of my nearest and dearest coming to wish me well and say goodbye. I was surprised how... read more

When The Traveler Goes To Art School: Festival Book

This is the final post in my series sharing a little bit of my travel related work from the last four years of art school. I’ve loved sharing with you, thanks for reading! When I realized my portfolio was lacking infographics, I decided to make a book about festivals around the world. It was harder than I thought to try to pick just one for each month of the year, and to not repeat countries!... read more

When The Traveler Goes To Art School: Travel Website

Welcome back to my series sharing a little bit of my artwork from the last two years. Big surprise! It’s travel related. For those of you who go straight to the gift shop in art museums and are totally over this, rest assured this is the second to last post! There are no words to properly describe how proud I am over this travel website design project. I fully coded this website from scratch, meaning... read more

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