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Exploring the Amazon onboard The Aria Part II

Read Part I here. I woke up after the second night aboard The Aria so grateful that I was on a four night itinerary — there was no way I’d have been ready to leave the next day! The ship was already beginning to feel like home and I knew I’d soon miss waking up to Amazon floating by my window like a version of a flat screen TV, constantly tuned to National Geographic. The brutal 6am... read more

Exploring The Amazon onboard The Aria

There are many seasoned travelers who seem to take pride in declaring themselves “sooo not cruise people.” I am not one of those travelers. My first cruise, a Silversea voyage from Athens to Istanbul, showed me all that is sunny about sailing the high seas. I loved the camaraderie onboard, the convenience of surveying a large area without having to repack my suitcase, and the sensation of... read more

Seven Reasons Small Ship Cruises Win…

…my business. In my last post I wrote about having my “aha moment” with cruising. I think in large part my enjoyment of this trip came from our careful selection of a small cruise line. While I can’t speak much to the contrasts of one fleet of small ship cruise line to another, we were mostly concerned with the difference between Big Ships (Carnival, Royal Caribbean, etc) and Small... read more

Reflections of A First Time Cruiser

As I’ve mentioned before, I had serious reservations about being a first time cruiser. I had a vision of cruise ships as unsustainable, environmentally crippling, floating tourist traps where I’d spent my nights elbowing small children to get my share of the crappy dinner buffet and my days desperately trying to absorb an iota of local culture before being herded back to the ship. And I can... read more

Sprinting Through Ephesus

Our time in Greece was over, but that didn’t mean our cruise was. We had one more stop before disembarking in Istanbul, at the port town of Kusadasi. Our ship docking next to a behemoth one Kusadasi itself didn’t receive rave reviews- and by that I mean people refer to it as a total dump. The real reason for visiting is easy access to nearby ancient city and archeological site, Ephesus. During... read more

Mykonos By Day

Mykonos, our last stop in the Greek islands, is not exactly known as a “day” destination. This is an island that roars to life when the sun goes down… which is exactly when our ship would be pulling away towards Turkey. Since Mykonos isn’t exactly known as a cultural destination either, we decided to use this as our “sun and fun” time. As I mentioned before, we had $500... read more

Santorini Sunsets

I didn’t think much could top our amazing day wandering the streets of Oia. But then we set sail again, this time on a Santorini sunset cruise. Not on our cruise ship though, but rather a traditional Greek shipping vessel, carrying us across the caldera to hike the volcano that made Santorini the unique geological setting it is today. My mom was less than enthusiastic about this tour when I first... read more

I Left My Heart in Santorini

Sometimes traveling long-term can make you a bit jaded. You find yourself halfheartedly remarking what a nice mountain that is while your thoughts wonder to what you are having for lunch or sighing, yeah, that beach isn’t bad while you fiddle with your phone. You become spoiled. And then you go to a place that stops you in your tracks and makes you wonder how you got so lucky just to be there. As... read more

One Day in Rhodes Part II

After returning our car and quickly mourning that we didn’t have more time to spend in beautiful Lindos, we set out on foot to explore the walled Old Town in the city of Rhodes. My Lonely Planet guidebook lists “getting lost in the Old Town Rhodes” as one of the top 10 Greek experiences. Since I am a backpacker and therefore legally required to own the Lonely Planet guide to every country... read more

One Day in Rhodes Part I

Both the delight and the bane of cruising is the fact that every morning, you wake up in a new place. Today, it was a delight, as we just weren’t the biggest fans of Crete. So we got a new day on a new island: Rhodes. Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands in terms of size and population, as well as being home to a UNESCO world heritage site and home of one of the Seven Wonders of the... read more

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