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Earning Abroad: Crewing a Liveaboard in The Caribbean

Welcome to my new series: Earning Abroad! I am often asked for blogging advice from readers eager to make a living overseas. Yet the percentage of truly successful bloggers is so low, promoting it as a viable income source to the masses feels a bit like peddling a course at the Barbizon School of Modeling. Plus — I’m still figuring it out myself! I thought it would be more interesting to... read more

My Top Ten Foreign Countries

Bloggers love top ten lists. They are easy and fun to write, they do well in search engines, and they get good responses.  So recently, as I was flipping through my passport in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Spain I realized I had hit my 10th foreign country! Maybe not such a celebratory number for Europeans who can take day trips for new passport stamps, but pretty good for someone from the United... read more

Bahamas Roundup

What I Did: A seven night liveaboard trip to the Exuma Cays and Eluethera as well as three nights in Nassau (New Providence Island) Overall: The Bahamas might not be the most exotic or exciting destination I’ve traveled to, but the friendly people, the beautiful islands and the amazing accessibility make for one great vacation. The trip was prompted by Mark’s new job on a diving boat, so I... read more

Easy Come Easy Go: A Day at the Atlantis Resort

It was my last day and night in the Bahamas and Mark and I still had our casino winnings burning a hole in our backpacks. We talked about putting it towards a plane ticket for him to visit me, or splitting it and putting it in our saving ($360 goes a long way in South East Asia!) but none of that seemed a fittingly exciting way to spend it, considering the dramatic way we earned it. So we went back to the... read more

Walking Tour of Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau is compact and easy to see in a day, which is quite convenient considering many visitors (coming off cruise ships) only have that long to see it.  This would also be a great walking tour for those staying at Atlantis or other hotels on Paradise Island, as that is the starting location! 1. Potter’s Cay Under the bridge from Atlantis you will find Potter’s Cay, one of my favorite spots in... read more

The Best Museum in the Caribbean

Okay, so perhaps I’ve only been to one other museum in the Caribbean. But what else could possibly top a repository of pirate memorabilia and a chance to take cheesy photos with an extra from The Black Pearl? Take that, Caribbean Museum of Boat Development! Pirates of Nassau is located in downtown Nassau, walkable distance from the cruise ship terminal and Paradise Island. When you approach the... read more

Photo Essay: Potter’s Cay in Nassau Bahamas

Bahamas Day 7 After saying goodbye to the group, I and a few of the stragglers meandered down the road towards Atlantis, the massive resort on adjoining Paradise Island. We never quite made it over the bridge that connects the two islands, as we were too distracted by what was happening under it. It turns out the area we were in is called Potter’s Cay, a shipping dock and hub of activity located... read more

Breaking It Down at Crazy Johnny’s in Nassau

Bahamas Day 6 & 7 My week on Blackbeard’s happened to have a very young group, but there were a few great exceptions of older people on the boat who were super fun and very inspiring to me… I really hope I stay young at heart as I grow older and I love meeting examples of people who live that way. Case in point: As we pulled into port, one of the guys traveling with his college age daughter... read more

Blue Holes and Rope Swings

Bahamas Day 6 Waking up this morning I cannot believe we arrive in port today. At times it seemed we would be on this boat forever but today it seems to be going by too fast. We’re closer to Nassau now and the water is much, much colder but I can’t resist one last dive. The site is one of Bahamas famous “blue holes,” a circular vertical cave that sinks below the ocean floor. The water was so cold... read more

Live Every Week Like its Shark Week

Bahamas Day 5 “Live every week like it’s Shark Week” – Tracy Morgan Confession: When I was maybe 12 my family went to Martha’s Vineyard for a vacation. We rented a house on a big beautiful freshwater pond and planned to take full advantage of the included kayaks and windsurf boards. One morning my mom and I were the only ones up and she convinced me to go out on the two person windsurf. I was... read more

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