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Earning Abroad: Owning a Photography Business in the Cayman Islands

Welcome to Earning Abroad! In this series I’ll introduce you to some inspiring and ambitious friends I’ve met on the road — friends who have found viable work away from their home countries.  Heather Holt is yet another Earning Abroad interviewee who will seem very familiar to many of you. A fellow Yes Girl, she’s one of my favorite travel buddies thanks to our shared interests in scuba... read more

All Kinds of Love: A Philadelphia Wedding

Once upon a time, on Caribbean islands far, far away, lived two amazingly awesome people who were totally perfect for each other — they just didn’t know it yet. Actually, they hadn’t even met. But that all changed one day when a girl took a ferry to a different Virgin Island than the one she lived on and developed a little crush on a boy she met there. After that the two of them made any... read more

My Top Ten Foreign Countries

Bloggers love top ten lists. They are easy and fun to write, they do well in search engines, and they get good responses.  So recently, as I was flipping through my passport in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Spain I realized I had hit my 10th foreign country! Maybe not such a celebratory number for Europeans who can take day trips for new passport stamps, but pretty good for someone from the United... read more

Leaving Cayman Part II

Reading my last post, you may have worried that I was unhappy the past three months. You also may have worried that I am a total brat and should shut up and be happy I’m not in a working at Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Stand in Albany, New York. I appreciate the concern, but its not necessary. I’ve already admitted to my initially troubled relationship with Cayman, but my affection for this island grew... read more

Leaving Cayman

When my plane takes off Thursday morning I will have spent three months of my life on this island. Three months of working, learning, playing, and loving. I don’t know how long you have to spend in a place to have “lived” there, but I do feel like I’m leaving a life and a home, albeit a brief one. My relationship with Grand Cayman has been an interesting one, a strong contrast to the head over... read more

The Last Stingray

Stingray City. You’ve heard me mention it I believe? Maybe every third post on this blog or so it seems? Well I can promise you’ve never seen a day at Stingray City like this one, because neither had I. As I’ve mentioned, I think SRC to be Cayman’s greatest attraction. However, I’ve been there a million times, and I was in the middle of packing up and selling our stuff and truth be told I was... read more

Welcome to the Diving Family

One of my cousin Kirsten and her husband Adrian’s reasons for coming to Cayman (other than to go out on a pirate boat and watch as I had far too much to drink (oops)) was to complete their open water certifications. Being frequent Hawaii visitors, they both had tried out diving and while Adrian felt comfortable, Kirsten had had a bad first experience and was a bit nervous. They completed the coursework... read more

A Lovely Two Bedroom with a View and a Conch Exterior

Cayman isn’t exactly a place ripe for “exploring.” Sure you can drive around, but you really aren’t going to find anything not in your guidebook. So imagine my surprise when Mark and I, en route to replace a tire on the bike for inspection, stumbled upon this: Of course this required a pull over and full investigation, as well as a justification for bringing my camera along to a bike inspection.... read more

Why I Love Rum Point

When I need to get my brain juices flowing, get the mind thinking again, really stretch those mental muscles, I head to Rum Point. Its a very academic place for serious reflection and thought. There are labs for scientific marine life research. Buoyancy analysis tanks. And of course, hand eye coordination training simulators. Its almost as fun as studying for a chemistry... read more

Cayman Tourist: The Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park

The Botanical Park was one of the few things left on my list of “must do’s before departure.” It was Mark’s day off and he and Kirsten and Adrian were very kind to humor me with a visit there en route to our old favorite, Rum Point.  Of course the day we decided to take our little road trip was the most blazing hot day I remember in ages, so I knew I’d have to hustle to see the park. We entered... read more

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