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Photo of the Week 166: Greece

Greetings from… you guessed it, Greece! My mind is reeling at how quickly the past two weeks of my Greek Island Hopping tour went by. Santorini charmed me once again, and Ios made a memorable first impression. But what surprised me most of all? How hard it was yesterday to say goodbye to the friends I’d made. I was incredibly apprehensive about joining a group tour yet somehow sign off was... read more

Photo of the Week 165: Greece

Greetings from Greece — again! I can’t tell you how happy I am to be reporting from the same country for two weeks in a row. Not that that’s any indication I’ve slowed down. Life is once again reaching category ten levels of chaos as I try to fit in too much work, too much play, and absolutely zero sleep. But with only two weeks left in Europe, and plenty of catch-up time in... read more

Photo of the Week 164: Greece

All I can say is thank goodness I have another two weeks in Greece, or there would be tears all over this keyboard. All the love I felt for this country on my brief but fabulous first visit has come flooding back, and if it weren’t for the euros that seem to magically fly out of my wallet on an hourly basis I might be considering a more permanent relocation. Heather and I flew from Brussels to Athens... read more

And I’m Off! Summer in Europe, Here I Come…

By the time you read this, I’ll be impatiently waiting in line at immigration in London, clutching the passport I’m so excited to put back into play after four and a half months stateside. This trip kind of crept up on me, and while I’ve dropped hints about where I’m headed I haven’t given you a proper travel plans update since my rough sketch of how I imagined 2014 would... read more

My Travel and Blogaversary!

Today is my anniversary: One year in the life of a full time traveler, and one year in the life of this blog. One June 9th, 2011, I watched the Manhattan skyline disappear into the distance as I flew towards Scotland and the unknown. An hour earlier, hunched over my laptop using airport WiFi, I launched Alex in Wanderland. From sailing in luxury through Santorini to having a motorcycle stolen in Vientiane,... read more

The Great Escape: Month 2 Roundup

Um, yeah. Remember when I did a Month 1 Roundup and it was such a fun and helpful feature for those catching up? Well I kind of dropped the ball and never posted Month 2, despite it sitting near finished in drafts. And now I’m almost up to Month 5! But I really like this feature and I’m going to revive it, chronology be damned. So now for a little belated blast from the past… Month Two... read more

Greece: 40 Years Through the Lens

Forty years ago this summer, my maternal Grandmother traveled from her home town of Decatur, Illinois, to explore the islands of Greece. The year was 1971 and she had lost her husband the winter before. She traveled with two couples, and took a very similar route to the one that my Mom and I (her daughter and granddaughter) took this summer. As I was planning my own trip and found out about the one my... read more

Mykonos By Day

Mykonos, our last stop in the Greek islands, is not exactly known as a “day” destination. This is an island that roars to life when the sun goes down… which is exactly when our ship would be pulling away towards Turkey. Since Mykonos isn’t exactly known as a cultural destination either, we decided to use this as our “sun and fun” time. As I mentioned before, we had $500... read more

Santorini Sunsets

I didn’t think much could top our amazing day wandering the streets of Oia. But then we set sail again, this time on a Santorini sunset cruise. Not on our cruise ship though, but rather a traditional Greek shipping vessel, carrying us across the caldera to hike the volcano that made Santorini the unique geological setting it is today. My mom was less than enthusiastic about this tour when I first... read more

I Left My Heart in Santorini

Sometimes traveling long-term can make you a bit jaded. You find yourself halfheartedly remarking what a nice mountain that is while your thoughts wonder to what you are having for lunch or sighing, yeah, that beach isn’t bad while you fiddle with your phone. You become spoiled. And then you go to a place that stops you in your tracks and makes you wonder how you got so lucky just to be there. As... read more

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