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Best Bar in Central America

What, you’re sick of hearing about a trip that happened a year ago? Fine. One more Honduras post and its back to our regularly scheduled programming. Okay, so maybe I haven’t been to EVERY bar in Central America. Or even every country. But I have been to three (countries, that is) and I think I can safely say this bar has got to be pretty far up the list of amazing Central American drinking... read more

Utila or Roatan

When we were planning our trip to Honduras, there was endless chatter regarding which of the two most popular Bay Islands was best (poor Guanaja got the short end of the stick). Roatan lovers told us Utila was dirty and filled with rude backpackers and Utila fans told us Roatan was pricey and boring. So naturally, we decided to go to both of these well reviewed places. Roatan took us by surprise. A... read more

On Being Robbed

You might have gathered from these posts that I’ve been bitten by the Honduras bug and I’m finishing up some coverage that I didn’t get around to after my trip last summer. Onto an uplifting post regarding travel theft! It was bound to happen sometime. When you strap your important possessions onto your body and fling them out into the world by traveling with them, you are in a way at the mercy of... read more

Honduras Travel Budget Breakdown

Sunday’s Sunjam post and Globetrotter Girls recent Central America budget breakdown were the cosmic kick in the pants reminder that after meticulously tracking our spending during last summer’s Honduras trip, I never posted the breakdown of our travel budget. For the last few years I have been a strict budgeter at home, pinching pennies and recording every expenditure in order to pad my travel budget.... read more

Surviving Sunjam

I’m breaking my normally chronological posting in honor of next weekend’s big event in Utila, Honduras. Last year I attended Sunjam Utila with four of my favorite people, ever, and it’s one of my favorite travel memories, ever. This post is long but its all information that I searched long and hard for before attending and mostly came up short, so I hope this becomes a resource for future... read more

My Top Ten Foreign Countries

Bloggers love top ten lists. They are easy and fun to write, they do well in search engines, and they get good responses.  So recently, as I was flipping through my passport in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Spain I realized I had hit my 10th foreign country! Maybe not such a celebratory number for Europeans who can take day trips for new passport stamps, but pretty good for someone from the United... read more

When The Traveler Goes To Art School: La Red

Welcome back to my series sharing a little bit of what I’ve been up to for the past four years, other than globe-trotting. Big surprise! It’s dreaming about travel. Well, and getting my degree in graphic design. Combine the two and you get a portfolio full of wanderlust driven assignments. When we were asked to create a Senior Project (kind of like a mini thesis for art school kids) around the word... read more

Honduras Roundup

What I Did: 2 nights in La Ceiba, 5 nights in Roatan, 7 nights in Utila Photo by Melanie Overall: Why Honduras? Cayman Airways flew to three international destinations (outside the US): Jamaica, Cuba, and Honduras. We weren’t all that interested in Jamaica so it was really down to two. We were really leaning towards Cuba but in the end we wanted to explore the Bay Islands as a possible future... read more

Goodbye Utila, Goodbye Honduras!

Oh my goodness. Sunjam Recovery is no joke and lasted more or less the entire day Sunday. There was one outing to find “American breakfast” which ended in obvious failure and something very close to tears. What can I say, pancakes seem to cure a hangover in a way rice and beans just can’t. This is what the concession meal looked like. Other than that fun filled excursion the day was... read more


In my last few posts you’ve seen me referencing the mythical “Sunjam” though I haven’t told you much about it other than its a 24 hour rave on a deserted island. And thats because I didn’t know much more than that. Having explored Water Cay the day before we knew that it was deserted and super small –  only 3 acres! From the website I knew that there were about 1,400... read more

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