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My Travel and Blogaversary: Year Two

Yesterday marked a very special anniversary for me: Two years of remote self-employment, two years blogging away here at Alex in Wanderland, and two years of living nomadically. It’s been a trip, in every sense of the word. From attempting drysuit diving in the frigid waters of Iceland to becoming a Divemaster in the warm seas of Indonesia, from throwing back $15 cocktails at a private VIP room in... read more

The Great Escape: Month 13 Roundup

I recently learned that some of my readers skip past the monthly roundup, thinking its simply a recap of info they’ve read before. Au contraire! My roundups are usually filled with anecdotes, private little moments, and thoughts that are found nowhere else on this blog. Month Twelve’s post was particularly juicy and poignant — if I were to do a roundup of roundups, it would be my best yet.... read more

Snowmobiling in Iceland

When we last left off, my mom, sister and I had just arrived in the town of Arnastapi in Western Iceland. All day we had been catching glimpses of the Snæfellsjökull ice cap, a looming preview of our afternoon adventure. Snæfellsjökull is famous for being the setting for Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth. The famous book tells the tale of a geologist and his nephew’s journey... read more

An Iceland Road Trip Part II

We woke up on the morning of our final full day in Iceland in Grundarfjörður, a tiny town of 910 in the Snæfellsnes peninsula. Day One of our roadtrip brought us around the Golden Circle route, while Day Two led us up and around Snæfellsnes. Day Three would bring us full circle around the peninsula and back to Reykjavík. We had spent the night at Hotel Framnes, a sweet dockside inn. Grundarfjörður... read more

An Iceland Road Trip

Our trip to Iceland was split into two parts: Our five days based in Reykjavík, which you’ve been reading about thus far, and our three days road-tripping around The Golden Circle and the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. For us, this was the perfect combination of urban exploring and hitting the open road! Those three days in our little rental car would bring us from wild adventures like snowmobiling on a... read more

A Self-Drive Tour of the Golden Circle

The Golden Circle — a route consisting of three major sites easily reached within a day from Reykjavík — is one of the most popular tourist activities in Iceland. In fact, if you only have two days in the whole country, Lonely Planet Iceland recommends you spend one of them on this particular pilgrimage. The Golden Circle highlights history, geology and natural beauty by allowing visitors to... read more

Whaling in Iceland: My Plea to Tourists

Astute readers of Alex in Wanderland may note that thus far I’ve had nothing but gushing praise for everything Icelandic (aside, I suppose, from the prices). It’s true, I love almost everything about this tiny island nation. However, Iceland is embroiled in an international debate over an issue that I feel so passionately about that I feel myself forming a disclaimer every time I start to spout off on... read more

Where to Eat and Stay in Reykjavik

I don’t tend to write many “Where to Stay” and “Where to Eat” posts, because frankly I’m usually staying in total dumps and eating a monotonous diet of whatever is cheapest. But as I’ve mentioned before, this trip was a total treat because it was sponsored by My Generous Mom™. Reykjavik was the absolute perfect destination for such a luxe trip because we really... read more

A Neon Dream: Scuba Diving in Iceland

“You are very petite,” said the instructor disapprovingly as I walked through the door of Scuba Iceland. What might normally be considered a hair-flipping compliment would in fact turn out to be a hindrance to one of my greatest adventures yet: scuba diving in Iceland. * Certain activities seem synonymous with visiting Iceland: seeing the Northern Lights, hiking glaciers, riding Icelandic... read more

Horseback Riding in Iceland

When my mother was a young girl, she had a traumatic riding incident that left her being dragged on her back through a stream by an out of control horse in Missouri. Just as she was about to be dragged over some ragged rocks jutting out of the water, she was able to disentangle from the stirrup and free herself. She’s been terrified of horses ever since. So naturally, when she generously took my... read more

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