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My Travel and Blogaversary!

Today is my anniversary: One year in the life of a full time traveler, and one year in the life of this blog. One June 9th, 2011, I watched the Manhattan skyline disappear into the distance as I flew towards Scotland and the unknown. An hour earlier, hunched over my laptop using airport WiFi, I launched Alex in Wanderland. From sailing in luxury through Santorini to having a motorcycle stolen in Vientiane,... read more

The Non Insider’s Ibiza Guide

For my final Ibiza post, I wanted to share my lasting impressions and ideas about an island that was previously shrouded in mystery for me. However, I wouldn’t dare call myself an insider after a mere one week trip. I can’t tell you the most beautiful beaches, since I only saw a few. I can’t tell you the most well kept secret dining hotspot, as we mostly stuck to self catering. I... read more

Clubbing in Ibiza

I always knew Ibiza was a nightlife capital of the world. Beyond that, I was clueless and found myself scouring the internet before I left trying to figure out where to go, what I should wear, and how much I should expect to spend. (Answers: everywhere, not much, and more than you ever thought possible.) After just one week I’m no expert, but here is what I picked up about clubbing in Ibiza. Be... read more

Diving Ibiza

I confess, when I slid my certification cards across the counter at Arenal Diving, I was only doing it to add another country to my dive list (I’m up to six, but who’s counting?). I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by the scuba diving in Ibiza, and at 47 euros I was spending quite a bit to simply make my scuba resume look better. What can I say? Seven months is far too long to go without breathing... read more

Ibiza Baby!

Ibiza has always lived in my mind as a mythical island full of beautiful, trendy people partying all night in world-class nightclubs and lounging all day on sun drenched, blue water beaches. So when some of Mark’s friends asked us to join them on a holiday to Spain during my six weeks in Scotland, we jumped at the chance. I was looking forward to getting to know some of Mark’s oldest friends better,... read more

Photo of The Week 4

Sorry I’m late in posting last week’s Photo Of The Week! My excuse involves a red eye flight followed by a red eye bus followed by… sleep. As promised, this week’s photo comes from my (yet to be blogged about) trip to Ibiza, Spain! I usually try to pick a photo that sums up the week, and so this one was a challenge as Ibiza has so many different facets, from the megaclubs to the... read more