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Third Time’s a Charm to be Charmed by London

“Seriously, what am I going to write about this week?,” I called out to my friend Kat as I stepped into the shower in her Shadwell flat. “I have done nothing but eat and drink since I got my passport stamped. Maybe I’ll just title my post Places to Get Drunk and Fat in London?” So, I went with something a bit more sentimental. But still. This being my third spin through the... read more

Photo of the Week 161

Greetings from London! I wave goodbye to this city with a heavy heart and a very, very full stomach — at times it seems my mission was to do little more than eat and drink my way through England’s epic capital. It was a week full of reunions and reminiscing as I bounced from one sleepover to the next with three of my favorite girls I’ve meet along the road, who all happen to call London... read more

And I’m Off! Summer in Europe, Here I Come…

By the time you read this, I’ll be impatiently waiting in line at immigration in London, clutching the passport I’m so excited to put back into play after four and a half months stateside. This trip kind of crept up on me, and while I’ve dropped hints about where I’m headed I haven’t given you a proper travel plans update since my rough sketch of how I imagined 2014 would... read more

My Travel and Blogaversary: Year Two

Yesterday marked a very special anniversary for me: Two years of remote self-employment, two years blogging away here at Alex in Wanderland, and two years of living nomadically. It’s been a trip, in every sense of the word. From attempting drysuit diving in the frigid waters of Iceland to becoming a Divemaster in the warm seas of Indonesia, from throwing back $15 cocktails at a private VIP room in... read more

The Great Escape: Month 13 Roundup

I recently learned that some of my readers skip past the monthly roundup, thinking its simply a recap of info they’ve read before. Au contraire! My roundups are usually filled with anecdotes, private little moments, and thoughts that are found nowhere else on this blog. Month Twelve’s post was particularly juicy and poignant — if I were to do a roundup of roundups, it would be my best yet.... read more

Combing Through Camden

I am one of the most neurotic, research loving, Type-A travelers that ever made a color coded trip binder walked this planet. I truly do believe that planning is half the fun and I cherish my time digging into guidebooks, blogs and forums to learn everything I can about my destination. While I might not go so far as to make a day-by-day itinerary (anymore) I do have a full picture of what I want to do and... read more

Seeking Shoreditch

As a perpetual traveler, my friend Kat makes an amazing international host. This is a girl who was born in South Africa, lived in London for over a decade, moved to Thailand (where we met!) and explored the world in between. So she knows a thing or two about traveling. So when I arrived in England claiming I was only there to see her and didn’t really like London all too much, she knew exactly where... read more

My London Confession

While I was sad to say goodbye to my girlfriends in Manchester, I still had a full week in London to look forward to. While in London I would stay with three different friends and meet up with two more — and that was the full reason for my trip! See, I know I have a lot of UK-based and anglophile readers out there that I might alienate by saying this, but… I don’t really like London that... read more

A Weekend in Manchester

When you tell someone you are going to spend the weekend in Manchester, their reaction is usually, “Fun! What are you doing there?” When you respond that you’re going to hang out with a bunch of your ex’s closest childhood friends, their reaction is usually some serious side-eye. But lets back up a bit to how and why I got to the UK in the first place. Icelandair, one of the... read more

Photo of the Week 56

Greetings from the United Kingdom! I came primarily to visit friends, and thus I’ve taken a bit of a vacation (or a holiday, as the Brits would say) from being a travel writer. I have not stepped foot in a museum, purchased a souvenir or consulted a guidebook. I could say, however, that I’ve been moonlighting as a food and nightlife writer of sorts, considering I’ve done not more since I... read more

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