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The Great Escape: Months 36 and 37 Roundup

This roundup rounds out my summertime stateside… or what I caught of it, anyway! I’ve typed it before and here I am typing it again — it’s a good thing the East Coast isn’t as beautiful as it is in the summer all year round, or I might never leave. As usual, much of what I’m up to when I’m “home” doesn’t turn into big blog posts, making these... read more

Adventures Off The Strip: Helicoptering Over The Grand Canyon

Okay, so you’ve read quite a bit about my trip to Las Vegas with Travel Nevada (not to be confused with my trip to Las Vegas with my girlfriends a month before — I told you, I’m an addict!) I ziplined Boulder Canyon, I visited a winery, I saw a Cirque show, I toured a brothel and I hit 100mph in a $100,000 car. But I’ve saved the very absolute best for last. A helicopter ride over... read more

Adventures Off The Strip: Winery Touring in Pahrump

Drinking on a trip to Las Vegas isn’t exactly at innovate travel idea. But I think we can all agree what typically comes to mind is more vodka-shots-straight-from-the-bottle-at-Wet-Republic than civilized-sipping-at-a-winery. Am I right or am I right? And yet, to my surprise, the state of Nevada is home to four fine wineries. The first winery to settle in the Silver State was Pahrump Valley Winery,... read more

Adventures Off The Strip: Ziplining in Bootleg Canyon

My most recent trip to Nevada was all about exploring an alternative side to the Silver State. Sure, we slept in Las Vegas and stuck to the neon lights at night, but our days were all about stimulation off the Strip. The pursuit of one such adventure brought us to nearby Boulder City to explore Bootleg Canyon — from the air. I’ve been ziplining several times before — from one island to... read more

Leaving My Comfort Zone in Las Vegas: Guns, Girls, and Fast Cars

When I looked over the itinerary for my recent Las Vegas trip with Travel Nevada, there were a few things that made me squirm in my seat. Was I really going to do that? And that? While everything planned was legal and relatively safe, some of the activities were definitely out of my comfort zone. Yet I reminded myself that travel is all about pushing personal boundaries, and Las Vegas in particular is the... read more

True Life: I’m a Nevada Addict

You guys remember the True Life series, right? Making up new episode titles to mock certain aspects of our lives has been a long running joke among my group of friends (True Life: I was an Art School Cheerleader, True Life: My Best Friend is a Cocker Spaniel, True Life: I was Craigslist Scammed By a Senior Citizen, etc.) And now I have a new episode ready for production approval — True Life:... read more

Your Vegas is Showing…

…was the city’s follow up attempt to their famous “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” slogan. I’m pretty sure I hate it, but Vegas has a way of clouding ones judgement into thinking it’s okay to try to try to shove your way backstage at a TiĆ«sto concert by insisting you’re his beloved second cousin, for a completely unspecific non-personal example, so I can... read more

Inside My Bag: Las Vegas

Packing posts are one of those things I always assumed were a snooze but ya’ll seem to really enjoy them — or maybe you just like mocking my overpacking addiction? Regardless, I’ve vowed to do more of them. This was my packing list for a four day girlfriend getaway to Las Vegas in April. When I go to Vegas I usually plan out my evening outfits ahead of time and then throw a mix of options... read more

What Happens in Vegas…

… goes on the internet. Is that not how the saying goes? It does now! Many moons ago (I mean not that many moons, how old do you think I am, jeez?) my girl Kristin and two of our other partners in crime from high school jetted off to Sin City for our twenty-first birthdays. Our Hangover-style hijinks from that trip have gone down in friendship history and Kristin and I have been laughing over them... read more

Photo of the Week 153

Surprise! I just back from Las Vegas — again. Those of you who follow my Facebook page were in on the secret as soon as I took off, but the trip was so last minute I never had time to announce it here ahead of time. It was a whirlwind trip that showed me an entirely new side of Nevada, one I’m fired up to share with you guys soon. I just can’t get enough of the Silver State! And while it... read more

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