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Photo of the Week 148

“What brings you to Vegas?” It was a question we were asked over and over again during our four days in the desert’s sparkliest town. Our answer was simple: Just a getaway with the girls. Kristin is not only my oldest friend after a dozen years of BFF-dom but was also my partner in crime for my first trip to Vegas back around the time we turned 21. We’ve been itching to return ever... read more

Surviving Burning Man

Burning Man inspired me to revive my Survival Series, a resource highlighting my favorite festivals and parties around the world. Previously I’ve featured Sunjam, an intimate annual rave on a deserted Central American island, and The Full Moon Party, Southeast Asia’s most infamous monthly blowout. What: Burning Man is infamously impossible to describe, though I did take a stab at it. It is most easily... read more

Photo Essay: Burning Man By Night

I’ve described Burning Man several times as simply a different universe. Never is this more true than at night. So for a nice lazy Saturday afternoon post, I wanted to share with you my photos of this alternative planet… after dark. As the sun begins to set, the temperature cools and neon lights blink to life along with many of Black Rock City’s nocturnal residents. Now is the time to... read more

The Dark Side of Burning Man

“Everyone cries at Burning Man,” I was warned. I may have scoffed at the time – but how right they were. While part of me feels guilty expressing any disappointment whatsoever about an event that I rarely hear anything but breathless praise for, you guys know that I’m all about keeping it real. While I loved the principles of Burning Man and had truly unique and beautiful experiences, I also faced... read more

Ten Reflections on the Ten Principles of Burning Man

For an event of its size, Burning Man has very few rules. It is a pretty successful experiment in letting people set their own limits, exercise their judgement, and govern themselves. There are however, ten principles – not commandments, but rather a reflection of the community at Burning Man and an integral part of what Burning Man is, at its core. I want to share the ten principles here as well as my... read more

The Cost of Burning Man

While there are insane amounts of information online about preparing for Burning Man, there was one question I had a hard time finding a straight answer to. Exactly how much does Burning Man cost? I’m providing my own personal dollar for dollar cost breakdown here in hopes that it helps someone else prepare for The Playa. I traveled with a group of four others, so the hotel, U-Haul and grocery costs... read more

What the %$#* is Burning Man?

I read somewhere that trying to describe Burning Man to a person who hasn’t been is like trying to describe different hues to a colorblind person. Now that I have returned from my own inaugural sojourn to Black Rock City, I can understand the struggle. Photos might show a technicolor rave, but don’t do much to explain the profound effect the Ten Principles may have had. A video of The Temple burning... read more

Photo of the Week 116: Burning Man

I feel like I’ve just returned from another planet. I’m still processing Burning Man — both emotionally and literally, thanks to the 1,500+ images I’ve been sorting through. Yesterday, as I spent the entire day flying from California back to New York, I could barely type fast enough to keep up with the memories and ideas that were pouring out of me. I have no idea how I’m... read more

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