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Photo of the Week 149: Easter Edition

Remember that time Photo of the Week was just a bunch of photos of Easter-related crafts I did in the past seven days? Oh right that was NOW. You guys may have caught on that I’m an enthusiastic crafter, baker, and all around holiday-celebrator — hobbies that are often neglected when I’m living out of a backpack. So, let’s just say I was making up for lost time. Considering this is... read more

Photo of the Week 148

“What brings you to Vegas?” It was a question we were asked over and over again during our four days in the desert’s sparkliest town. Our answer was simple: Just a getaway with the girls. Kristin is not only my oldest friend after a dozen years of BFF-dom but was also my partner in crime for my first trip to Vegas back around the time we turned 21. We’ve been itching to return ever... read more

Photo of the Week 147 — In Memory

For the past two weeks I’ve alluded to bad news and trouble at home but didn’t go into detail as I held my breath with hope. But there’s no more room for being elusive. On Monday, one of my family’s dearest friends, a man who has been like an uncle to me throughout my life, passed away, leaving behind a cherished wife and son. Typically, Photo of the Week is a reflection of where I... read more

Photo of the Week 146

I’ve been back in New York for ten days now, and from Albany to Brooklyn it seems the awful weather is the topic of the hour. I mostly just stay quiet and nod in empathy, since no one wants to hear moaning from someone who’s so recently returned from sunnier settings. But the truth is I feel like I’m going through a long winter myself right now, at least metaphorically. I’m finding... read more

Photo of the Week 144

Putting up Sunday’s Photo of the Week posts is always a great gauge of where my head is at. Sometimes I’m in a calm, satisfied place and time moves deliciously slowly; it will feel like at least a month has passed since I last posted. Other times, my schedule is insane, my to do list out of control and my nerves are frayed, and I could have sworn I was posting Photo of the Week just yesterday.... read more

Photo of the Week 143

What a week! My time in New Orleans absolutely flew by — I still can’t believe I was there for a full ten days. I had just barely begun to recover from the Mardi Gras revelry when it was time to begin my California adventures. My girl Lindsay, who you might recognize as a partner-in-crime from The Full Moon Party and other Thailand escapades, scooped me at the airport and we headed straight for... read more

Photo of the Week 142

Greetings from Mardi Gras! I arrived in New Orleans early this week and had just a few days to catch my breath before jumping headfirst in Mardi madness. I visited my sister’s classroom to make a presentation about celebrations around the world to her students, but otherwise barely left her house! Good thing I have plenty of time left to explore The Big Easy. We kicked off festival celebrations on... read more

Photo of the Week 141

This post is a significant one — the final Photo of the Week from my twenty weeks of Latin American adventures. Today, Anders and I part ways and tomorrow I’ll be flying back to the US. It’s incredibly bittersweet — I’m paralyzed at the thought of saying goodbye to my copilot for the past three months, I’m also undeniably looking forward to the precious time with my... read more

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