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Photo of the Week 162: Malta

Malta! I didn’t know what to expect from this tiny island nation in the Mediterranean Sea. The reality is it I probably never would have come had Anders not taken a diving job here, but wow — I’m glad I did. It’s kind of a gift to go somewhere with absolutely no expectations or preconceived notions and just let it surprise you. I’m glad I have some time to let it all sink in... read more

Photo of the Week 161

Greetings from London! I wave goodbye to this city with a heavy heart and a very, very full stomach — at times it seems my mission was to do little more than eat and drink my way through England’s epic capital. It was a week full of reunions and reminiscing as I bounced from one sleepover to the next with three of my favorite girls I’ve meet along the road, who all happen to call London... read more

Photo of the Week 160

Greetings from JFK Airport! I’m curled up in Terminal 7, reminiscing about how quickly this stateside stint blew by. I spent the last week in Martha’s Vineyard enjoying island time in the new family cottage my mom has been working so hard to renovate and I couldn’t have ended on a higher note. Yesterday my sister asked me what I’m most looking forward to in the months of travel... read more

Photo of the Week 159

Today I said a frantic goodbye to Albany as I struggled to get my life packed up for the next five months. I’m currently en route to Martha’s Vineyard, where I’ll spend my first July 4th in six years in the good old USA — and then I’m off! It was pretty hard to say goodbye to my hometown right in the middle of its most gorgeous season, but I know I’ll be back for a nice... read more

The Great Escape: Months 34 and 35 Roundup

Two whole months stateside! It sounds like a nice break, but in reality I was as on the go as ever trying to make the most of my time at “home” — and this is just a fraction of the full four and a half months I was in the US. A lot of what went on during these months didn’t make it onto the blog, so this roundup is even more behind-the-scenes than usual. Many of you noticed my last... read more

Photo of the Week 158

Where does the time go? Two weeks from today, I’ll be arriving in London, the first stop on my next major international adventure. That means it’s crunch time as I try to juggle travel prep, double-time work duty, and my usual round of bittersweet goodbyes. Yesterday I said a tough one to New York, a city I’m passionately in love with but didn’t clock nearly enough time in this... read more

Photo of the Week 157

Greetings from somewhere between Philadelphia and New York! This was a very special week, the first time my three sisters and I have all been in the same place at once in six years. On Friday we came from far and wide — okay, from Rochester, Northamptom and Martha’s Vineyard, to be specific — to visit my Dad in Philadelphia for a festive Father’s Day weekend. via Rich Walker... read more

Photo of the Week 156

Greetings from Martha’s Vineyard! I was beyond pleased to find that when I arrived back from my whirlwind of press trips last week, summer had arrived on the East Coast. I spent just under a week in Albany — catching up on work, hitting some appointments and most importantly, showing some friends from Thailand around my hometown! Between late night ice cream runs, barbecuing on the back porch... read more

Photo of the Week 155

I was so not ready to leave Hawaii — is anyone ever ready to leave Hawaii? — when the #seeMaui trip ended last week.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to. I had five blissful days hanging with my friends Wim and Dave, five days in which we walked their beautiful dogs along the beach, went hiking and kayaking, and mostly just bummed around their breezy new house. It was exactly the low key week... read more

Photo of the Week 154

“Maui no ka ‘oi” is a local saying that translates quite simply to “Maui is the best.” I know quite a few who’d concur — and after returning to the island for this past week’s #seeMaui trip, I might just be inclined to join them. As I sat on my final flight into Kahalui, I listened to three separate conversations between welcoming locals and excited tourists... read more

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