Travel Blogs I Super Love And Obsess Over to The Point That I Think I’m Friends With The Authors

My Beautiful Adventures: When you read Andi’s blog you think there is no way someone could possibly be so sweet and lovely in real life, and then you meet her and you get proven wrong. Writes about travel with genuine optimism and enthusiasm.

Camels and Chocolate: A real life (as in not just on the interwebs) travel writer, Kristin travels the world and lives to write about it.

Unbrave Girl: Warning. You will most likely cry with laughter when reading this site.

Nomadic Matt: Okay, I actually am friends with Matt. He blogs about all kinds of travel, though he has a special place in his heart for South East Asia. He’s one of the top travel bloggers and makes a full time living off his website, which is alone reason enough to check it out.

Twenty Something Travel: A great, honest blog about the ups and downs of traveling young.

Angie Away: Angie is traveling the world solo and keeping me laughing along the way.

Johnny Vagabond: Tells hilarious tales of traveling through Asia that will have your jaw on the floor.

Almost Fearless: One of the original success story travel bloggers. Now travels with a baby in tow.

Legal Nomads: Jodi makes connections with people that I can’t believe. She really immerses herself in the cultures she visits.

Everything Everywhere: You can’t talk about travel blogs without mentioning Gary. He’s one of the one of the most financially successful travel bloggers out there.

Itinerant Londoner: Sadly this site is no longer much updated, but still totally worth a peek through the archives. Geoff did an amazing world tour and his posts gave me a real feel for far flung cities I’ve never heard of.

Two Backpackers: My go-to for wanderlust inducing posts about South and Central America

Globetrotter Girls: Full time working digital nomads, these ladies are an inspiration to me! Always finding fun ways to explore, from house sitting to classic road trips.

Go Backpacking: Now a multi-author site, I still love going through the archives and reading about the founder Dave’s round the world trip. Includes detailed budgets.

Our Dear Lady Expatriate: I love this fun peek inside expat life in one of my favorite cities!

Sarah Somewhere: Sarah is one of the loveliest and most talented bloggers around, and I can attest to both because I both stalk her blog and have met her in person.

Further Bound: Everything I said about Sarah goes for Hannah too. Perfect because the two of them are blogging besties!

Girl Independent: There aren’t too many diving-centric blogs out there, but Girl Independent gives me a good scuba fix pretty regularly!

Travelfish: Not a blog, but the single best resource on South East Travel anywhere. In the universe.

Non Travel Blogs That I Love

The Simple Dollar: My favorite personal finance and simple living blog (yes, I read a few). When I was working my butt off to save money for travel, this blog helped keep me on track with my spending and saving. Like a virtual AA meeting for spendaholics.

Young House Love: Super successful home renovation blog with an emphasis on DIY and living simply. Basically if I woke up one day from a coma and hated travel, I would want their life instead.

Bakerella: One of the things I miss most about home is cracking open my 5 gallon tub of baking supplies.

The Bloggess: Foul mouthed and hilarious. Okay I guess my attraction to this one is kind of apparent.

Heather Holt Photography: Also totally explainable obsession. Heather taught me the finer things about photography and underwater video when I worked for her in Grand Cayman. Now she’s one of my best travel buddies.


Other Travel Blogs Worth a Click!

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Happy reading!