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The majestic Alpine crescent spans 800 km across 8 nations of Europe. From the pure white of the Swiss Alps, to the flowery vales of French Alps, numerous destinations welcome travelers from all over the world. These pristine peaks are mountaineering heavens, and most of them are extraordinary skiing ports. Alps had always been a foggy space of winter myths, such as the strange story of Edelweiss and the intrigue during the Golden Age of Alpinism. The decade between 1854 and 1865 marks the ascent milestones of first footfalls on to many Alpine peaks. Among the men, there was Lucy, sister of Horace Walker, who also holds the credits of being the first to stand on many Alps peaks.

Feels like Lucy

As men and women today travel to Alps for skiing, much of it has been made possible by these brave mountaineers risking their lives to discover a track to the top. Of course, today there are motorized roads to many of the ski points and these remain busy throughout the skiing season. Many skiers seek for good Alpine ski transfers to save time and enjoy a comfortable vacation. Professional services offer lowest cost air transfer from the airport. Anyone can hire their services conveniently whether you are a honeymoon couple in this snowy paradise or a group of friends, or even members of a big professional skiing club. Did you just play the Lucy song by the Beatles?

Set the trip

Visit preferred service website for the bookings. A quality service would be available wherever you need them, directly at the airport or from the hotel at the foothills. Road transfer options include taxis, 8 seat sedans, and big buses ferrying 52 people at a time. One needs to confirm a few important things though. Besides checking whether the costs are suitable, verify if the transport service holds all necessary permits from regional and national authorities. Some of the peaks are still very obscure, and you may need to consult personally for the specific route. Always make sure to book a vehicle that also has enough luggage space for the mountaineering gear apart from the travel backpacks.

Enquire specifically on the accessibility from major airports such as Lyon and Grenoble in France, Memmingem and Munich in Germany, Innsbruck in Austria, or Geneva, and Basel in Switzerland. Besides picking the travelers from the airports, find out whether the service is available at regional train stations such as Aime, Moutier, Lyon, Annecy, Geneva, and Bourg St. Maurice.

Live the Magic

Some vacationers may prefer to visit a single place and stay there for the entire duration, skiing, hiking, and sightseeing the nearby attractions. It is common especially among couples who just want to spend the coziest time without moving around much. These regions are rich with amazing cultural heritage. Many men look for the famed Edelweiss rings for their women. It is said that the beautiful flower bloomed when the Ice Queen shed a tear after the only one person who was able to reach her heart was killed by her unruly goblins. Love lives eternally even in the coldest of hearts.

The Alpine ski transfers should be available not only for pickups but for drop offs so that you can condense maximum touring within your vacation.



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