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Hostel Crush: Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv thumbnail

If you read my love letter to my favorite city in Israel, you already know two facts about Tel Aviv: I’m obsessed with it, and it ain’t cheap. But while the city is bursting with cute Airbnbs and hip boutique hotels, there’s also stylish options for those on a shoestring: chic hostels like Abraham Hostel Tel… Read more

Confession: I Didn’t Love Jerusalem thumbnail

Well, the title kind of says it all. I have to admit, I didn’t love Jerusalem. Those of you who read my initial Middle East trip announcement may recall that I already wasn’t feeling very drawn there, even in the planning stages. Yet, when you travel to Israel, you just kinda have to. It must be in some… Read more

Eight Sunny Memories from Two Weeks in Los Angeles thumbnail

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that my relationship with the City of Angels has been a slow burn. I was pretty unenthused when my dad first relocated there, finding the city to be  spread out, stressful, grimy and quite frankly charmless upon my first visit. Then I came… Read more

Wedding Bells in the Windy City thumbnail

It’s become somewhat of a tradition now — when a close friend or a family member sets a wedding date, I get a text within seconds of the ink drying on the contract. You’re the first to know, they’ll tell me, considering my crazy calendar — so you better be there! How could I not comply… Read more

Eating Our Way Through Chicago thumbnail

You’ve got to love a city where you can fiercely debate the merits of various pizza styles, go from sand to skyscrapers in moments, and celebrate holidays with such ferocity that you dye your river to match it. I’m talking, of course, about Chicago — though I must admit it’s taken me a while to appreciate… Read more

Martha’s Vineyard On a Budget — Yes, It’s Possible! thumbnail

Martha’s Vineyard… on a budget? I admit, it doesn’t sound right. Like Thailand and good bread and cheese, or Brazil and being on time, or England and a reliably sunny weather forecast, it just doesn’t feel like a feasible travel combination. But lean in, because I’m about to spill what feels like a major secret. The… Read more

Under Jericoacoara’s Spell: A Brazilian Backpacker Paradise thumbnail

“Estava aqui!” I blinked awake, trying to determine if my eyes had properly opened or not. Yup, lids lifted. Confirmed. It was just pitch black both in and outside the bus I’d been on for the last six hours. I checked my phone, it was just after midnight. No service. I scanned the darkness outside my… Read more

From Bullet Holes to Murals: An Afternoon in Santa Marta Favela thumbnail

To visit a favela or not to visit a favela: it’s a controversial decision many travelers to Rio will ponder at some point or another. Critics call it poverty tourism, proponents say it de-stigmatizes and brings income to marginalized communities. Even amongst my own peers, there’s discord. Friends from South Africa have made me cross my heart that… Read more