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Getting More out of Maui: Volunteering and Giving Back thumbnail

It doesn’t take long to realize there is something special about Hawaii. I was trying to explain it to a friend recently, to put in to words why my love for these islands runs so deep. Yes, Hawaii has beautiful beaches and lush mountains and fabulous opportunities for adventure, but it has something more. The people… Read more

Volunteering at the Cayman Islands Humane Society thumbnail

Before I even arrived in Cayman I knew I wanted to get involved in the Humane Society here. I enjoyed my time working with the animals in Koh Tao so much I decided to carry on the tradition. I assumed I would go in to walk the dogs or something similar but I lucked out and… Read more

Koh Tao Animal Shelter

While most people arrive in Koh Tao intending to scuba dive, swim and sun themselves, Justine and I found ourselves here with an additional mission: to improve the lives of the animals on the island. Don’t get me wrong, we got to spend out workdays in paradise, but we worked still. The Koh Tao Animal Clinic… Read more

The Great Escape: Month 69 Roundup thumbnail

Time to dive back into roundups! Since I’m working my way through my black hole of content from September of 2016 to April of 2017, that means we’ve got roundups to catch up on as well. This post covers into March of 2017. Apologies for the delay, but I suppose better is late than never… right? And to… Read more

Five Hundred and Thirty-Seven Days Later thumbnail

No matter what happens, I’ll still be me. That’s the mantra I calmed myself with in the days leading up to November 8, 2016. Overall, for me, it was a time filled with joy and excitement and pride. But occasionally, dark thoughts crept in. And when they did, it centered me to focus inward in those… Read more

Boston, Briefly thumbnail

When I wrap up a huge trip like my six week journey through Brazil, I usually like to schedule at least a week of downtown before picking up and jetting off again on my next adventure. Sometimes though, it just doesn’t work that way. Like when I flew back from São Paulo, booked it up to… Read more

#ExploreMore2016: My Travel Plans for 2016 thumbnail

Well hello there, 2016. A new year, a fresh start. The time for making ridiculously optimistic resolutions. Join the gym. Eat healthier. Be on time more often. (No? That’s just me?) All mighty fine intentions, rarely carried through. Yet my good friends at Overnight — seriously, I know and love this crew — have made one… Read more

Martha’s Vineyard

We just can’t stay away. Nor, it seems, can we turn off our overwhelming desire to introduce everyone we know and love to our little island home. What can I say? My family just has this infectious obsession with Martha’s Vineyard, and we can’t help but feel that everyone’s life would be better with a little… Read more