Welcome back to my series sharing a little bit of what I’ve been up to for the past four years, other than globe-trotting. Big surprise! It’s dreaming about travel. Well, and getting my degree in graphic design. Combine the two and you get a portfolio full of wanderlust driven assignments.

These ads were driven by my love of Capital One’s amazing benefits for overseas travel. As I mentioned in my post on managing money abroad, most credit cards charge up to 3% in foreign transaction fees, and then Visa or Mastercard piles another percent on top of that! Not Capital One. They charge no fees of their own, and even refund the card company’s fee. If I could wed a banking institution, this would be it.

Capital One Ads

Capital One Ads

Again, you can see more of my design work on my portfolio website, or you can stay tuned for the next week as I share a few more of my favorite creations!

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  • Meghan
    April 13 2013

    So this is pretty unreal. I’ve been following for a while now and have emailed you a couple times (we spent our honeymoon in Thailand). Anyway, I’ve been reading through your archives as I have the time and almost died when I saw this post. That photo of the sangria in your second ad???? That’s my photo!!

    I can’t even believe the smallness of this world sometimes.


    • Alex
      April 15 2013

      Wow Meghan that’s amazing! There’s no accreditation since this was just an art school project but now that I have it on my blog I’ll certainly credit you! A small world indeed!

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