One-On-One Consulting: Grow Your Content Career with Retreats + Group Trips

Ready to grow your content creation business beyond your screens and show your community the world through your eyes?

Influencer-led trips and small group tours are a booming business — and I can give you a behind-the-scenes look at how mine works, while providing you with insights on all your unknowns.

Hi, I’m Alex!

I’m the founder of Wander Women Retreats, a group travel business that invites women on movement-led adventures to the most beautiful corners of the world. I’m also a blogger: since 2009, I’ve shared my travels with my readers on Alex in Wanderland. When I launched Wander Women Retreats in 2018, I combined my two passions and invited my readers into my world with me.

I launched Wander Women Retreats to create the kinds of retreats for my community that I’d always dreamed of — trips that combined movement, spirit, and connection between women. I focused my first trip on one of the places I know best: Koh Tao, Thailand. Hitting publish on that first trip sales page was nerve-wracking, but I held my breath… and watched with wonder as the trip sold out. 

That first retreat was thrilling, intimidating, and magical. Almost every guest from that first trip became a repeat customer, and Wander Women has been full steam ahead ever since.

This is Wander Women

Since launching Wander Women Retreats in 2018, we’ve held 28 in-person retreats and 2 virtual retreats — and we already have 6 on the books so far for 2024. I’ve expanded to retreats led by not just me, but by my trusted team. On each of those trips, I’ve learned invaluable lessons about how to operate this business at its best.

Today, we’re a thriving small business, with a team of hard-working women and a track record of making magical memories for our guests. Most of our trips reach waitlist-only status soon after launching.

Since Wander Women’s launch, I’ve spoken about the business of group tours on major conference stages like the Women in Travel Summit and TravelCon, and learned the art of what it takes to operate Wander Women as a heart-centered, financially sustainable success. I’ve also been consulting with and mentoring select clients who want to start a tour business of their own — an offering I’m now expanding to my wider community.

I love learning the ins and outs of other people’s businesses, and I’m happy to share mine with you in a one-on-one consulting session.

Who is group trip consulting for?

These consulting sessions are for bloggers or influencers at any stage of planning a business pr project centered around group tours, bootcamps, or retreats. If your retreat business is just a twinkle of an idea in your eye, I’m here to talk you through your evolution from idea to action to trip launch. If you have a burgeoning business you’d like to strengthen or make profitable, I can offer guidance. If you’re already a rockstar in this business and want to keep thriving, I can be your sounding board.

What does a consulting session look like?

Consulting sessions can look however you want them to. Some clients prefer to send me their materials to review before we meet, an itinerary to look over, or a list of questions. Others prefer to keep things more informal and pick my brain about whatever comes to mind in the moment. It’s all up to you!

What We Can Discuss in a Consulting Session…

Ebook FaviconYour burning questions about launching your own group tours business

Ebook FaviconHow to pivot to adapt to curveballs (2020, anyone?)

Ebook FaviconCreating the perfect itinerary + designing an experience tailored to your specific audience

Ebook FaviconPricing your trips + making them sustainably profitable for the long run

Ebook Favicon Marketing plans + ideas

Ebook FaviconCommon pitfalls of group trips + how to avoid them

Ebook FaviconThe logistical nitty gritty, from LLCs to liability insurance

A peek behind the curtain at my business, including:

Ebook FaviconHard numbers around how my business works and what it looks like to profit from a retreat (I literally open my books to my consulting clients!)

Ebook FaviconHow I use touch points and rituals to infuse every Wander Women trip with meaning

Ebook FaviconHow I stay grounded while hosting

Ebook FaviconHow I honor my guests’ investment and time and deliver them the Wow Factor they deserve on every trip 

Book a Session

Wander Women Retreats is a culmination of my life’s work, and I want other entrepreneurs — like you! — to experience that same satisfaction.

Before I launched the business, I held this dream close to me for a long time. I was nervous to say it out loud.

I’m so glad I took the leap and put it out there.

The influencer-led group trips industry was in it’s infancy then and there was a lot of hard work, heartbreaks, late nights, and learning along the way. Today, you have the benefit of learning from industry pioneers!

Wander Women’s success has led me to places I never could have imagined. It’s brought me close connections with incredible women around the world. It’s allowed me to introduce my fantastic readers to the places that make me feel most alive. It’s given me the chance to make travel dreams come true for a living.

Working with my consulting clients has added a new layer of joy as I help others discover what a thriving retreat or group trip project or business looks like for them. Upon booking, you’ll receive an email from me with several scheduling options. I can’t wait to hear your vision and ideas!

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