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The Great Escape: Month 60 Roundup thumbnail

Oh, my monthly roundups. They are so ridiculously out of sync with real time now (this post is basically eleven months late, whoops!) that I recently considered axing the series, but I decided to play catch up instead — so brace yourself for a couple of these coming up! However, now that I’m writing on multiple… Read more

Surprises From Six Weeks in Brazil thumbnail

As my biggest getaway of 2016, I spent plenty of time meticulously planning my six week trip to Brazil. And yet for all my research and reading, nothing can actually prepare you for the culture shock of completely immersing yourself in a new country, new language, and new lifestyle. So many aspects of Brazil took me completely… Read more

Eight Secrets of Brazilian Beach Culture thumbnail

I read once that local of Rio often say “tenha uma boa praia,” or have a good beach over the much more standard translation for have a good day. It’s a culture-revealing phrase not unlike Thailand’s famous “gin khao reuyang?”, a way of asking what’s up? which literally translates as have you eaten rice yet? In much… Read more

Buggying around Buzios: Our Bonus Days in Brazil thumbnail

Guys I am going to shock you here. Like really blow your mind. Sometimes, things don’t go according to plan. Yeah, I know. Hard to believe when you’re a Tracy Flick loving, organizational spreadsheet making, perpetually over-planning-yet-somehow-still-a-scattered-helpless-hot-mess like I am. But every once in a while those plans just really go off the rails. Sometimes the weather is… Read more

Blowing Bubbles in Buzios: Diving in Brazil thumbnail

This post is brought to you by PADI as part of the PADI AmbassaDiver initiative. Read my latest ramblings on the PADI blog! It’s pretty much a guarantee that when Alex in Wanderland regular Heather and I do a trip together, we’re going to find somewhere to go diving together, even if it’s the inside of a particularly… Read more

Hotel Crush: Casas Brancas in Búzios thumbnail

It’s been called the Brazilian St. Tropez and the Hamptons of Rio; basically, it’s this pocket of the planet’s infamous playground for the rich and famous. Welcome to Búzios, Brazil. I’ve never been to the Hamptons and I couldn’t point out St. Tropez on a map, but I knew I had to go to Búzios. Less than three… Read more

#ExploreMore2016: My Travel Plans for 2016 thumbnail

Well hello there, 2016. A new year, a fresh start. The time for making ridiculously optimistic resolutions. Join the gym. Eat healthier. Be on time more often. (No? That’s just me?) All mighty fine intentions, rarely carried through. Yet my good friends at Overnight — seriously, I know and love this crew — have made one… Read more