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Guatemala City

Central America Tops and Flops thumbnail

This time last year, I was flying back to the USA after four months spent in one of my favorite pockets of planet earth: Central America. Over the course of five different trips, I’ve now been lucky enough to visit each of the seven countries making up this sub-continent — some of them multiple times! A… Read more

Month 48

Getting back on my roundup game! Thanks for putting up with my very tardy monthly wrap-ups. These are some of the juiciest, most comprehensive and most detail-filled posts I write, and hence, they take me a long time to put together. Hope you don’t mind that they come served like fine wine… well-aged and with a… Read more

Guatemala City

This might be the post I’ve been most excited to write from my entire six weeks in Guatemala — it’s also, fittingly, the last, which is usually what the best is saved for. Why am I so animated over this one? Well, Guatemala City doesn’t have much of a reputation among travelers. Most, in fact, don’t… Read more

Week 202

Greetings from Honduras! This week I spent five much-needed days recharging in Guatemala City with three of my Brooklyn friends who are currently based there working on an architectural design project and marveled at all the hidden gems the city had to offer. I felt so lucky to experience a city most backpackers blow through —… Read more