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Hike Your Heart Out

Hike Your Heart Out Koh Tao: Mango Viewpoint thumbnail

Koh Tao is unexpected paradise for hiking addicts in Southeast Asia. Recently, I kicked off the Hike Your Heart Out series to highlight some of my favorite island trails, most of which remain hidden gems thanks to the lack of trail maps, marked routes and mentions from guidebooks and travel blogs. I’m excited about creating a…

Hike Your Heart Out Koh Tao: The Burmese Pagoda thumbnail

Welcome to my newest Koh Tao series! Hiking is one of my favorite things to do on Koh Tao, and I try to hit a trail at least once a week when I’m on the island. While in many ways Koh Tao is a hiker’s paradise, it’s also a secret one — there’s no trail map…