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Month 48

Getting back on my roundup game! Thanks for putting up with my very tardy monthly wrap-ups. These are some of the juiciest, most comprehensive and most detail-filled posts I write, and hence, they take me a long time to put together. Hope you don’t mind that they come served like fine wine… well-aged and with a… Read more

Unbelizeable: A Day at Bread and Butter Caye thumbnail

The morning of our last full day in Hopkins Bay, I woke up anxious. The previous day, our planned excursion had been rescheduled due to spotty weather. This was our last chance. I ran to the window, and flung open the curtains to tentatively clear skies. Snappily-named Cook-Your-Catch snorkeling and fishing adventure, here we come! We… Read more

You Better Belize It: Happiness in Hopkins Bay thumbnail

We’d come from New York, New Orleans, Chicago, and Flores — three by plane, one by bus. It had been a long journey to get to a tiny fisherman’s village about three hours south of Belize City. But as we unloaded onto the sandy paths of Hopkins Bay Resort, any travel fatigue we might have been… Read more

‘Twas The Night Before Belize… thumbnail

When I was thirteen, I carefully ripped a page out of a magazine I’d found at the orthodontists’ office. Wanderlust had begun to take hold on my psyche, and I’d forgone the gossip rags and fashion fluff in favor of an old issue of Condé Nast Traveler. Something in it had caught my eye. And so… Read more


Greetings from Belize! This post is coming out a little late this week, but I have a good excuse — I just couldn’t stand to be on my computer any more than necessary for the nine beautiful days my family was here! (All the other posts you’ve read recently were written and scheduled long before their… Read more