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Khao Yai

The Great Escape: Month 58 Roundup thumbnail

Oh, my monthly roundups. They are so ridiculously out of sync with real time now (this post is basically one year late, ha ha) that I recently considered axing the series, but I decided to play catch up instead — so brace yourself for a couple of these coming up! However, now that I’m writing on… Read more

Stop And Smell The Rosé: Winding Down Thailand Wine Weekend at Alcidini thumbnail

Two down, one to go — our weekend of hopping Thailand’s wineries was so far a smashing success. After spending our first day at Khao Yai’s first vineyard and Thailand’s one and only winery helmed by a women, we were excited to see what our third and final stop of the weekend would have in store. After a… Read more

You Had Me At Merlot: Continuing Thailand Wine Weekend at PB Valley Vineyards thumbnail

After a fabulous Thai wine weekend kick off at GranMonte Vineyards, we were on to our second stop of the day, PB Valley. Appropriately, PB Valley — formerly known as Khao Yai Winery — was the second vineyard in the country to attempt growing wine grapes. Yet as the first winery to open in the now… Read more

Wine Not? Kicking off A Thailand Wine Weekend at GranMonte Vineyard thumbnail

Think Thailand and drinking, and it’s likely you’ll conjure toasting to the sunset with one of the country’s internationally famous beer brands, Chang or Singha. Or perhaps dancing on the beach with a brightly colored pail of cheap whiskey and soda with a handful of straws chucked in. Or maybe sipping an overpriced cocktail at a… Read more

Khao Yai Thailand Wine Region

Greetings from Bangkok! Those following along on my Instagram know I just spent the most amazing few days exploring Thailand’s wine region with a group of twelve of my nearest and dearest from Koh Tao. Yup, Thailand has a wine region and yup, I survived planning a trip there for twelve! The Khao Yai countryside is… Read more

Khao Yai National Park

After years of returning over and over again to Thailand, I’m always awed at how much of this fascinating country I have left to discover. I kicked off this week with three crazy stormy days on my island base of Koh Tao. It was a surprise after last week’s beautiful weather in Koh Phangan, and it… Read more