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Month 48

Getting back on my roundup game! Thanks for putting up with my very tardy monthly wrap-ups. These are some of the juiciest, most comprehensive and most detail-filled posts I write, and hence, they take me a long time to put together. Hope you don’t mind that they come served like fine wine… well-aged and with a… Read more

Travel Confession: I Was Underwhelmed By Semuc Champey thumbnail

I remember the first time I heard about a magical place called Semuc Champey. I was literally on the other side of the world, in an idyllic swimming hole in Laos, and a Scandinavian girl I’d met on the road was telling me about a place she’d been that was even more beautiful, even more pristine… Read more


Greetings from Guatemala… again! With just a few weeks left in Central America, it was time to start the journey from Belize back down to Honduras, where I’ll soon be flying out of. My first step was to return to Guatemala via boat at the Caribbean port town of Livingston. After a few days there I… Read more