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Join Wander Women Retreats founder Alexandra Baackes for a little taste of a yoga, sustainability, and mindfulness retreat on your own schedule! Practice joy at home–whether your body is craving a slow flow or sweaty sculpt–with access to yoga, meditations and journaling prompts led by Alex, as well as fun workshops led by a global crew of Wander Women babes!

Living through a global pandemic, lockdowns and re-openings and re-lockdowns has been a crazy rollercoaster–and while we can’t wait to reunite IRL, we know it can be tiring adjusting to a new world and that strictly scheduled virtual events are getting tiresome, too. The Wander Women Retreats team is excited to offer on demand access to our two past virtual retreats. Pick from either our first reflection-based retreat, our second oceans-themed retreat, or grab access to both (they also make great gifts!)

Each on-demand retreat includes seven yoga classes — that’s just over $10 per class! — but also includes several styles of meditation, plenty of educational + relaxing workshops to keep the travel spirit alive, and journaling prompts to reflect and introspect.

Whatever your schedule, wherever your location, enjoy exclusive content from Alex and the Wander Women team on demand!

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The Details

These yoga classes, meditations, workshops, and journaling prompts will be available on-demand within 24 hours of purchase. The cost for access for each retreat is $75, or both for $130.

As with all of our retreats, we’ll be donating a percentage of our profits to a charity. This time, we’re so happy to support Another Round, Another Rally; a COVID-19 relief fund for the hospitality industry – we miss incredible hospitality during our retreats and beyond! As a small business, we love paying it forward thanks to all of your support! 

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Wander Women Virtual Retreat doing yoga in Thailand
What’s Included

Purchasing this on demand access includes the following exclusive content:

• Seven pre-recorded yoga flows designed to challenge the body and recharge the mind
• Six meditation recordings even people who hate meditation can enjoy
• Seven thought-provoking journaling prompts
• Five escape workshops with experts in travel, nutrition, photography, diving, art, home design, blogging, and sustainability

Like any Wander Women Retreat, you can make it your own. Complete the classes on your own time, and if you want to skip something, you do you! We do encourage you to try new things though–some live guests told us they were shocked to find their new favorite activity was watercolor painting, for example, even if they didn’t fancy themselves artists.

What’s Not Included

While we’d love to ship each of you a confetti-filled box (biodegradable confetti, of course!) with crafting supplies, due to various shipping restrictions around the globe, we will refrain and instead you can enjoy shopping at your favorite local supplier for any crafting supplies or yoga materials you don’t yet have on hand. Both Alex and the workshop hosts have provided many modifications in case something is in short supply!

Additionally, though we had a blast connecting in real time over Zoom or Facebook live during the virtual retreats, this on demand retreat does not include the mixology classes, any live workshops, Zoom meet + greets, or private Facebook group access like the live versions of these virtual retreats did.

Wander Women Virtual Retreat Alex in Wanderland at beach bar
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Wander Women Virtual Retreat stand up paddle boarding in Florida
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Yoga + Meditations

You’ll receive access to seven flows and six meditations with our yogi-in-residence, Alexandra Baackes. Classes include vinyasa, with some slow flows, sculpting sets, yummy yin, sweaty band classes, and more! And, we’ll send over a link to Alex’s playlists–aka your new favorite flow music. Many of our past guests have reported coming back to these classes over and over again!

Alex is a RYT 200 Registered Yoga Teacher, a Buti Bands and Sculpt instructor, and a regular yoga practitioner for over a decade. She has a passion for creative sequencing, building badass playlists, and disproving the idea that one can be “bad” at yoga.

All the inspiration, community, and feel-good vibes of a Wander Woman Retreat, from the comfort of your home.

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Wander Women Virtual Retreat doing silks yoga
Wander Women Virtual Retreat yoga in a tropical open air studio

Workshops + More

Dive into travel-inspiring workshops with a full stack of honorary Wander Women from around the world. 

Reflection Retreat Workshop downloads include:

Ebook FaviconSanitizing Sustainability DIY: DIY to do good! Follow along with Lindsay McCormick of Bite Toothpaste, who have been repurposing their products glass bottles to hand out hand sanitizer to at-risk homeless populations on the streets of LA. Eco goddess Lindsay will lead us through a workshop for making your own hand-sanitizer, body moisturizer, and DIY face mask. Take care of the planet while you take care of you.

Ebook FaviconBlogging Boost Workshop: Let’s get digital! Have you taken up a new hobby that you’re ready to share with the world? Are you using this time to work on a travel blog or freshen up a website for your small business? Blogging is a beautiful way to connect with the world right now! For beginners, go through a step-by-step workshop for the best practices for setting up a blog with Alex in Wanderland’s right hand woman and behind-the-scenes assistant to many super successful travel blogs, Samantha Gross of There She Goes Again.

Ebook FaviconStrike A Pose: Are you sick of posting throwbacks on your Instagram? Looking for a creative outlet? Ready to spice up your walks around the neighborhood? You’ll love this isolation-focused workshop with photography expert Kristin Addis of Be My Travel Muse. Also a top travel blogger and a retreat leader herself, Kristin (literally!) wrote the course on how to get great photos of yourself. She’ll dive into topics like taking your own self portraits, nailing flat lays, and other photography projects you don’t need to go anywhere to execute. While advanced camera topics may be covered, you’ll take away tons with as little as a smartphone

Ebook FaviconHome As A Retreat: Create your own retreat center! Make your home into a haven with this workshop immersing in spring cleaning, the principles of design, and how to apply this knowledge to love where you live with Steffi Min and Mary Frisbee of Clear Studios. With backgrounds in architecture, interior design, holistic home styling and event production, they are experts in how to make any space a sanctuary. (Bonus–paring down means packing will be painless, when you’re back on the road.). 

Ebook FaviconRelaxing Coloring Crafting: Download a travel-themed coloring sheet from our virtual artist-in-residence Lauren of Green Blanky Studio. Lauren was a guest on our very first retreat in Koh Tao, Thailand, and has been creating custom prints for our guests on every trip since! Lauren will walk us through her artistic process while we color along from home and enjoy the zen benefits of this creative moving meditation. 

Ebook FaviconInstagram Ready Smoothie Bowls: Learn the secrets to creating delicious smoothie bowls at home — and learn to style them beautifully for maximum spoil yourself vibes. Janine O’Donnell of Living Juices, a certified health coach and the breakfast queen of our annual Wander Women Retreats Koh Tao trip, will share her favorite recipes and all her top tips for a nutritious treat that takes you on vacation right at your own kitchen counter.

Ebook FaviconBonus Journaling Prompts: Look through seven journaling prompts to get your reflection on at the end of this unprecedented year. Whether you’re looking to restart a writing practice or just want to document your journey on this historical year, these journaling prompts created by Alex will get your pen to paper.

Ocean Retreat Workshop downloads include:

Ebook FaviconWatercolor Crafternoon: Wander Women resident artist Lauren Stegeman of Green Blanky Studio will get your creativity flowing — even if you were a reluctant participant in art class. This workshop will guide you through creating watercolor homages to your favorite beachside destinations.

Ebook FaviconDiving Into Diversity: Watch a compelling conversation on the dive industry with a panel of badass women divers! Check out a chat with notable industry leaders like Sarah Richards, founder of Girls that Scuba, and Inka Cresswell, a filmmaker and marine biologist, and more to talk through diversity and the future of the dive industry. 

Ebook FaviconSustainable Tie Dye: Sustainability is a core theme in all of our retreats — and in this workshop we’re learning from Zero Waste blogger Suzanne Khan of Naked Zero. She’ll lead us through a sustainable tie-dye session where we’ll be making gorgeous tie-dye items from avocado pits! As a sustainability expert Suzanne will also share some of her go-to reef safe + plastic free product switches to get you inspired. 

Ebook FaviconGrab and Go Energy Bites: Time to head into the kitchen for a workshop on making to-go energy beach bites (for an afternoon in the sun, whether that’s just your backyard or further afield!) Janine O’Donnell of Living Juices, our signature Koh Tao Retreat breakfast queen, will be instructing you how to make delicious and healthy snacks to take on all your summer adventures.

Ebook FaviconBonus Journaling Prompts: Look through seven journaling prompts to get your reflection on at the end of this unprecedented year. Whether you’re looking to restart a writing practice or just want to document your journey on this historical year, these journaling prompts created by Alex will get your pen to paper.

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Join Us

We’re so excited to have you join us on some virtual Wander Women magic! Once payment is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email with access to the classes and courses–you can also gift retreat access to others simply by entering their email. We’ll be there for you with any issues, comments, or questions over email!

Want the IRL experience? We hear you, us too—sign up for our newsletter or email us to enroll for future retreats. Refunds are always available if we have to postpone a retreat due to a pandemic or otherwise.

Wander Women Global: A Virtual On Demand Retreat



How is this different from past virtual retreats?

These beloved classes + workshops are from past Wander Women Global retreats. We are so grateful to our past virtual guests for joining us in real time, and are excited to now offer certain elements with this on demand access!

Will this sell out?

Nope, there’s no limit on the number of attendees! We aren’t sure how long this on demand access will be available for purchase, however once you receive on demand access you can download and keep for life!

I still have more questions, or cute photos of my dog. Who do I contact about that?

Um, yes please! Our email is retreats@alexinwanderland.com.