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Responsible Travel

How Clean Up Dives Can Change The World: My Review of the PADI Dive Against Debris Specialty thumbnail

Bookings are open for Wander Women Koh Tao 2020! Read all about our inaugural edition here, here, and below. Can a scuba dive change the planet? You bet your bottom time it can. Since PADI’s conservation arm Project Aware launched the Dive Against Debris program in 2011, more than 50,000 divers have participated in 114 countries around… Read more

Conservation in the Keys thumbnail

Where we’re at: I’m recapping my summer of 2018, which included this trip to Florida in July. In other news: we’ve added new Wander Women Retreats — don’t miss them! Want to get sustainable on your next trip to the Sunshine State? When I went on my big diving adventure from Key West to Miami, I didn’t… Read more

Celebrating Earth Week! Going Green with Bamboo Toothbrushes, Plastic-Free Toothpaste Bites and Beyond thumbnail

I love Earth Day — around these parts, I celebrate it as Earth Week! Don’t miss some of my previous content, including eight ways to live and travel plastic free, a guide to carbon offsets for travelers, and my full roster of responsible travel content. What’s better than a brighter smile? One that’s as good for… Read more

Can An Eco-Friendly Songkran Be Sustainable? thumbnail

Confused on where we are? I’m taking this moment while my travels are grounded to care for my mom to catch up on my black hole of un-blogged content. Here, I’m covering my time in Thailand from March through May of 2017. My apologies for any confusion with the timeline, and thanks for sticking with me. In the… Read more

Celebrating Earth Week! 8 Ways to Live + Travel Plastic-Free thumbnail

So, some of you may know I had amazing intentions of a whole week full of conservation-minded content. Unfortunately, cellular data service and wifi signals in Egypt have both been far weaker and rarer than I prepared for – oops! It’s alright though, every week is Earth Week around Alex in Wanderland — stay tuned for… Read more

Celebrating Earth Week! A Guide to Carbon Offsets for Travelers thumbnail

Guys, I am crazy in love. No, this isn’t a confessional post about my personal life (but those are fun too). I’m in love with this planet we are so lucky to exist in. Like, not to get too Double Rainbow Guy on you here, but Earth is the coolest place ever! Have you seen the… Read more

What To Wear on Travel Days: My Encircled Obsession thumbnail

I’m literally typing this from the airport, where I’m dressed head to toe in a new travel brand I’m obsessed with called Encircled. I used to joke to my friends that there was a reason I wasn’t a fashion blogger and it started with swea- and ended with -tpants. I rarely discuss style on Alex in Wanderland, and… Read more