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I am in internet purgatory — a place that any digital nomad fears even more than airport customer service line after a flight cancellation or having your luggage held in customs. After two weeks of blissfully tolerable internet connections, things took a turn for awful. The past few days have found me roaming around the island like some kind of wifi predator, lurking in the shadows while I try to determine if there is a signal strong enough and lasting long enough to upload images and answer emails before I settle in.

So as a result I’ve been far less productive than usual — not great on one of my busiest freelancing months ever! Between juggling my client work, my blogging, and nailing down plans for Peru I’ve barely done anything photo worthy this week — with one exception.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to observe an experimental shark release with the Gili Shark Foundation. Two white tip and two black tip reef sharks caught by fishmerman in Bali and bound for the market were intercepted by the foundation, who then brought them back to Gili Trawangan for release in the no-fishing zone surrounding the island. While I personally believe the most important goals should be legislation and enforcement to end shark fining and alternative income for fisherman, we all have the same goal — to keep sharks safe in the long run. Undoubtedly it was a fascinating experience to be so close to these animals.

Onto Photos of the Week!

Photo A


Yup, these are iPhone photos… from around my front door and around my street

Photo B
Gili Shark Foundation, Gili TrawanganChecking on one of the sharks

Photo C
Shark Release in Gili TrawanganUp close and personal

Photo D
Gili Shark Foundation, IndonesiaChris helps one of the sharks acclimate

Photo E


Dinner at the ever popular night market

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