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The Great Escape: Month 31 Roundup thumbnail

After eight weeks of pretty non-stop travel, I slowed way down and put the breaks on for Month 31 — a much needed Christmas present to myself. Our original plan for this period was even more sloth-like, but insane prices in Montañita caused us to slash our time there to a third of what we had… Read more

Getting Our Guayaquil On thumbnail

I’ve added another option to Tuesday’s giveaway (it’s to like my new Facebook page!) so head back and add a few more entries if you’re interested! Poor Guayaquil. The consensus we got from fellow travelers is that it was no more than a pitstop to change buses or hop flights to the Galapagos. As Ecuador’s second… Read more

Merry Christmas from Ecuador. I hope you all had a merry one. It actually wasn’t very festive at the beach (we couldn’t even find santa hats!) but thanks to the magic of Photoshop it sure looks like it was! I appreciate all your input on our New Year’s Eve dilemma that I presented last week —… Read more