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Packing posts are one of those things I always assumed were a snooze but ya’ll seem to really enjoy them — or maybe you just like mocking my overpacking addiction? Regardless, I’ve vowed to do more of them. This was my packing list for a four day girlfriend getaway to Las Vegas in April.

When I go to Vegas I usually plan out my evening outfits ahead of time and then throw a mix of options in for the day. I try to look decently put together even when just wandering around as I believe it goes a long way in nabbing hotel upgrades, getting on guestlists, etc.

Because I flew Southwest (direct flights from Albany? Be still my heart!) I had a free checked bag, and so I packed most of these items in a suitcase I borrowed from my mama. For a carry on I just used my usual oversized tote and stuffed all my electronics and plane necessities in there. Full packing list below…

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What to Pack for Vegas

Clothes and Shoes

• 2 pairs of heels (don’t forget heel cushions!)
• 1 pair of wedges for the pool parties (thanks for letting me borrow these, sissy!)
• 1 pair of flats
• 1 pair of flat sandals

• 4 evening dresses (I brought extras for sharing)
1 evening skirt and top

• 1 romper
• 1 day dress
• 2 dress tops
• 2 tee shirts
• 1 pair of jeans
• 1 pair of shorts
• 1 pair of leggings (to wear on the plane)
• 1 Lululemon jacket (to wear on the plane)

• 1 packing cube full of panties, bras, and knock-off Spanx (a must!)
• 1 packing cube full of bathing suits

• 1 Flight001 Go Clean Laundry Bag

A note about packing cubes: I’ve been obsessed with packing cubes since my trip to Peru! Though I only needed two Eagle Creek Pack-It Half Cubes for this particular trip, they were awesome for keeping my undies and bathing suits sorted. And now they’re on sale, along with a ton of other Eagle Creek gear! The 20% off sale ends June 15th — no code required. Head over to their site to pick up some serious travel gear at a great discount.

Packing for Vegas

Toiletries and Necessities

Travel pillow + eyeshade + earplugs

Fodor’s Las Vegas + a pile of magazines for the pool and plane

• 1 belt

• 2 evening clutches

• 1 bag of jewelry

• 1 bag of toiletries (an abreviated version of what you find in my toiletries post)

• 1 bag of makeup (again, a version of my toiletries post, also, not pictured)

• 1 shower bag (I knew the hotel would have shampoo and conditioner, so I just packed my razor, loofah, and facewash.)

• 1 medicine bag (a small stash of ibuprofen, band aids, Neosporin, a few allergy pills and antacids, etc.)

• 2 pairs sunglasses (not pictured)

• Snacks. We knew our Vdara suite would have a kitchenette so I brought along some oatmeal, granola and almonds. I had read that housekeeping doesn’t always stock dishes and utensils so I packed a set of my own, which wasn’t really necessary but I guess is a habit!

• Drinks. If you’re planning to drink in your room you might as well throw your drink of choice in there too as bottles are heavily marked up anywhere on the Strip.

• Party Aids. For this trip I tested out two new products: Blowfish for Hangovers tablets, which I loved, and AeroShot inhalers, the melatonin version of which I’ve been crushing on lately for getting to sleep on flights.

What to Pack for Vegas

Gear and Electronics

As this was just a long weekend — and one in which I was attempting to work as little as possible — I brought a very abbreviated version of my usual electronics bag! I actually really could have left the dSLR at home as I really only used it to photograph our hotel.

MacBook Pro + charger (not pictured) + headphones (not pictured)

Canon PowerShot S100 + charger + leather case + 16 GB Memory Card

Canon Rebel T2i + charger + 15-85mm lens + 32 GB Memory Card

• iPhone + Mophie battery case + charger

So what do you pack for a spin in Sin City? Find more packing posts here, and read my million posts about what to do and where to stay in Las Vegas here!

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

One more time — don’t miss the Eagle Creek Gear Up & Get Away 20% Off Savings Event! Everything from suitcases to packing cube sets are on sale until June 15th, no code required! Note: I’m an affiliate of Eagle Creek and will earn a small percentage of your purchase, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting Alex in Wanderland!

  • Daisy Wong
    June 13 2014

    I love your packing posts, keep them coming. You always look so nice in all your photos no matter where you are in the world. How often are you shopping for new clothes on the road?

    • Alex
      June 13 2014

      Um, basically never! I’m flattered you think I look nice though 🙂 I can think of two new items of clothing I’ve bought since January, and two others I got as gifts. I do shop quite a bit when I’m in Bangkok because they have insane bargains but otherwise I rarely shop — I hate spending money on clothes.

  • Katie
    June 13 2014

    I love that you have a bottle of vodka in your necessities picture. 🙂 I’m also a huge fan of packing cubes – it helps me pack more by compressing it a little and keep all my stuff organized!

    • Alex
      June 13 2014

      Ha, in Vegas it totally is! 🙂

  • Justine
    June 13 2014

    As the world’s worst packer I really enjoy reading about how other people manage to organize their belongings into a suitcase. Ha, good call on the bottle of vodka! Beer and liquor are SO EXPENSIVE in stores on the strip. I learned that the hard way 🙁

    • Alex
      June 13 2014

      Not to mention, it’s a hike to go out and get it! The Strip looks so small, but is so unwalkable. Nice to have something with you upon arrival!

  • I haven’t been to Las Vegas yet, but hoping soon. Thanks for the info on the Eagle Creek Sale! I’m going to pick up a few things. Any other Eagle Creek products that you suggest for backpackers?

    • Alex
      June 13 2014

      I’m not sure if they are on sale but I LOVE the Eagle Creek Packables too! You can find my write up on them and other Eagle Creek items in my Peru packing list here!

  • The Guy
    June 13 2014

    Looks like you were perfectly set for a great weekend.

    Like you I’m a bit wary of “packing” articles yet lots of travel bloggers do it. They must be really popular.

    Hope you created some great memories in Vegas?

    • Alex
      June 13 2014

      I did indeed! Follow up post coming on Monday 🙂

  • Carrie
    June 13 2014

    This is awesome! Great tips and tricks. And I’m heading over to Eagle Creek right now! 🙂

    • Alex
      June 15 2014

      Thanks Carrie! Hope you snag some great deals!

  • Maddy
    June 13 2014

    Just snagged some of the pack-it cubes and compression cubes for the family trip this summer – a little Father’s Day + birthday gift for the stepdad in the form of organizational tools! Haha. Thanks for the tip about the sale!

    • Alex
      June 15 2014

      If he’s anything like my dad he will LOVE the added organization! I’m a packing cube nut these days!

  • MCVK
    June 13 2014

    I think my expiration date for Las Vegas has passed, but you make it sound wonderful, Alex. And kudos on the great packing tips, which apply for any trip.

    • Alex
      June 15 2014

      Thanks! I’m going to have a MAJOR packing post coming up for my big Euro trip this summer, which will undoubtedly be much much longer 🙂

  • Maria from Nerd Nomads
    June 14 2014

    Love your packing lists! It is so nice to see what you pack for each trip. I am a notorious over-packer and over-shopper.

    I was so lucky and found the Eagle Creek packing cubes here in Bangkok, so I have now bought two Pack-It Compression Cube Set (2 big cubes and 2 half cubes). Love them already, they truly helps with my packing chaos, so a million thanks for the tip! 🙂

    • Alex
      June 15 2014

      Nice Maria! Where did you find them in Bangkok? I’d love to know for future packing emergencies 🙂

  • Hannah
    June 15 2014

    Haha I love the essential vodka! I’m always happy to see another overpacker, I’ve just come back from Amsterdam for two days; which I was certain required me to take half of my wardrobe over there.

    • Alex
      June 16 2014

      Ha, I know how that goes. I packed a suitcase for three weeks in Martha’s Vineyard, Philadelphia and NYC and you would have though I was going for three years.

  • Dani
    June 15 2014

    I love your packing lists.
    I am packing for my own trip right now ( I leave in 9 days!) and my packing looks such a mess compared to yours. *sigh* I am so indecisive, it really hinders the process.

    • Alex
      June 16 2014

      Actually doing these packing posts has helped me be much more organized! Forces me to really think about if I want to write it down or not and the photos help me visualize. Maybe give it a try 🙂

  • James
    June 15 2014

    2 changes of clothes and enough money to run it up at poker! 🙂

    • Alex
      June 16 2014

      Ha, I’m not a gambler but if I was that might be the perfect packing list!

  • Lucy
    June 17 2014

    I am weirdly obsessed with packing lists too, no idea why. I guess it’s just nice to be nosy!

    One question – I read in the comments here that you love shopping in Bangkok. Anywhere in particular? I’m heading there next week and ready for some bargains! Cheeers! xxx

    • Alex
      June 18 2014

      Hey Lucy! If you’re looking for malls you’ll want to check out the Siam area — Siam Paragon and MBK are two favorites! If you want more of the market experience you’ve got to do Chatuchak — check out my posts about it for more info! Hope that helps.

  • Alex
    September 13 2015

    I’m creating a Pinterest board on Las Vegas Bachelorette parties and I think this is a good addition. Thanks!

    • Alex
      September 13 2015

      Glad to hear that Alex. Thanks for including me!

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