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Artistic Endeavors

Welcome to Wynwood, Miami’s Creative Capital thumbnail

Where we’re at: I’m recapping my summer of 2018, which included this trip to Florida in July. In other news: we’ve added new Wander Women Retreats — don’t miss them! While I was checking off dream neighborhoods, I certainly couldn’t pass up the chance to finally visit Wynwood, the street art-swirled Brooklyn of Miami. As our Uber… Read more

Announcing Wanderland Waves: Island-Inspired Jewelry thumbnail

It’s a pretty exciting day today at Wanderland HQ, friends — a headquarters that just so happens to sit on a lush, tiny island in the middle of a vast, beautiful ocean. It’s been hard not to shout this one from the thatch-rooftops these past weeks as we’ve worked behind-the-scenes to make this happen: today, I’m… Read more

Follow Your Stupid Travel Dreams: My Trip to Seven Magic Mountains thumbnail

I write to you today from Boracay, where I’ve traveled to a different country to spend the week dressing up like a mermaid, to tell you about a time I flew to the desert to see some painted rocks. Seven Magic Mountains has been on my radar since it first went up in the Ivanpah Valley… Read more

Twelve Little Photography Secrets From The Big Easy thumbnail

One of the most common post requests I get around Alex in Wanderland is for photography tips. I’m always flattered you guys think I have something to teach in something I wasn’t formally trained in beyond a few entry level photo classes in college, but struggle to come up with lessons to share for something that… Read more

Taking the Gallery to the Alley: St. Pete’s Street Art Scene thumbnail

If you already read my gushing love letter to St. Pete, Florida, you know that one of the things I loved most was the city’s vibrant museum and gallery scene. The city is bursting with the work of true creative geniuses, hailing from around the block to around the world. Many cities have impressive art collections… Read more

Street Art, Sunset and Sugarloaf: The Perfect Last Day in Rio de Janeiro thumbnail

A week in Rio de Janeiro flew by. I knew it would. Heather and I had debated what to do with our final day in the city. There were so many options! We’d hit a lot of the major must-sees — we’d woken up before dawn to be (literally) the first two people at Christ Redeemer, we’d… Read more

Life in a Polly Pocket: A Martha’s Vineyard Campground Cottage Tour thumbnail

Admit it: there’s something fun about checking out other people’s houses. No? You don’t love HGTV just as much as the Travel Channel? You don’t browse real estate listings for pleasure reading, or attend open houses just for entertainment? That’s fine; I already knew my family was quirky (popping into open houses used to be part… Read more