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Announcing Wander Women: A Yoga + Photography Retreat in Martha’s Vineyard! thumbnail

Looking for an underwater adventure? My Thailand Dive + Yoga retreat in August now has ONE spot remaining. Nab it now, or email me to be added to the waiting list. Today I’m smiling ear to ear — because I’m announcing my second Wander Women Retreat! Planning these retreats and connecting with the chicas who sign… Read more

Announcing Wander Women: A Dive + Yoga Retreat in Koh Tao, Thailand! thumbnail

I warned ya 2018 was going to be a big year around here — today I’m announcing my first-ever, long-awaited (by me, anyway) Wanderland Retreat! I’ve been trying to figure out a way to pack you all in my suitcase from about the second I launched this blog, and over the past two years I started… Read more

Sunshine and Smiles on The Space Coast thumbnail

Confession: I may be obsessed with Florida, but before the Space Coast invited me to come over and explore this summer, I had to look for it on a map. While Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and beyond are wildly popular getaways for cruise-addits heading out to sea, families looking for cheap beach-front condos, and those fascinated… Read more

Fresh and Healthy New Orleans thumbnail

New Orleans — a city known for healthy livin’ and coming home leaner than how you left, right? Ha ha! Not. The Big Easy is known for being a city of unbridled indulgence, and dang if you can’t do some of the country’s finest eating and drinking there. But there’s no reason you need to leave… Read more

Move to The Bleat! Goat Yoga in Martha’s Vineyard thumbnail

One of my favorite things about being the in the US for the summer is getting to try out crazy fitness trends. Aqua cycling in a pool? I’m in! Zumba with drumsticks? Sign me up. Hot yoga to hip hop? Literally obsessed (All three of those are real classes in my regular rotation when I can… Read more

Kicking the Can: How I Broke My Addiction to Diet Coke thumbnail

For about a full decade of my life, I was a full fledged Diet Coke addict. It was a part of who I was — I cracked open a can first thing in the morning, friends sent me Buzzfeed articles about things only Diet Coke addicts could understand, I had a little Diet Coke keychain and… Read more

How to Create a DIY Health Retreat in Thailand thumbnail

Raise your virtual hand if one of your New Year’s resolutions for like, every single year of your life thus far has been to live a healthier lifestyle in some way, shape, or form. Me too! About a year and a half ago, I found my self-esteem hitting an all-time low as my weight hit an all-time… Read more

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