I always knew Ibiza was a nightlife capital of the world. Beyond that, I was clueless and found myself scouring the internet before I left trying to figure out where to go, what I should wear, and how much I should expect to spend. (Answers: everywhere, not much, and more than you ever thought possible.) After just one week I’m no expert, but here is what I picked up about clubbing in Ibiza.

Es Paradis, Ibiza, Spain

Be Prepared to Spend

It’s no secret how pricey going out in Ibiza is, but I still suffered sticker shock. Entry to the top clubs ranged from €25 for early entry at Space all the way up to a shocking €67 at world-famous Pacha. And the wallet crushing doesn’t end at the door. Once inside expect to pay 9-11€ for a beer and 12-15€ for a cocktail. Water is between 6-8€ for a one gulp bottle.

The real killer though is that re-entry is not allowed at most clubs, meaning no going in for the early entry price and nipping to the nearest corner store to refuel on beer and water and then slipping back in to dance the night away. Once you’re in, you’re in, and you’re at the mercy of the market prices.

Clubbing Ibiza

Come as You Are

While I didn’t enjoy the prices at clubs in Ibiza, I did love the dress code. In comparison to New York and Las Vegas, where girls seem forever squeezed into teeny tight dresses and sky-high heels, in Ibiza people appear to come as they are. Everyone wore flat sandals (better for dancing all night!) and beachy outfits that were a reminder that despite being in a pulsing nightclub, you were surrounded by coastline! Ladies wore a range of cute cut-offs and fun skirts and dresses while men dressed in shorts and t-shirts or tanks.

While things may have been casual, no one was skimping on style. I absolutely loved people watching and seeing the fun trends popping up around the island. I’m pretty sure Ibiza is solely responsible for keeping the belly top alive since Clarissa Explains it All days.

Clubbing Ibiza

Take Care

As with any world party destination, drug are ubiquitous. If you decide to partake, take care. Security is incredibly tight and we heard rumors of some particularly inappropriate pat-downs in search of drugs. If you can get past the door, the clubs will want a piece of the profit, hence the high cost of water being peddled to those on the brink of dehydration. Basically? User beware.

 Ibiza clubbing

Make a Plan

Posters and flyers will let you know when famous DJs are headlining at different clubs, but I felt lucky to be traveling with Ibiza veterans who let us in on the best night of the week for each hotspot. Clubs will also have theme nights like water parties and foam parties, so look out for those if that’s your thing. And if you’re budget is getting stretched too thin, plan a night or two at the San Antonio clubs like Eden and Es Paradis where you can often get free entry wristbands by walking around the boardwalk during the day.

Clubbing Ibiza

Most Importantly?

Have fun! Ibiza is a special place and an exceptionally good time. Dance like a fool, make new friends, and stay up until sunrise. You only live once, after all.

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Clubbing in Ibiza isn’t for everyone, but luckily Spain has so much more to offer! To plan a more family-oriented vacation, check online for flights to Lanzarote.

  • Oooh la la you look so hot in these pics haha! I only went to Pacha when I was there and a friend hooked my bro and I up, otherwise it would have cost a small fortune.

    • Alex
      August 21 2011

      Um, clearly I should have talked to you before I left and met this friend! 🙂 I’m gutted we didn’t get to Pacha but also grateful I was sensible because walking in the door would have cost nearly a months rent here in Thailand… ridiculous!

  • Danielle
    August 21 2011

    €67 is an insane price for a cover, but when in Rome…

    I love the fact that the dress code is so much more laid back in Ibiza. Looks like you had a great time!

    • Alex
      August 21 2011

      The dress code really was my favorite part. I think I might have gone out a few more nights a week in NYC if I didn’t have to deal with Spanx…

  • Audrey
    August 22 2011

    Looks like a blast! My dad worked at the first Pacha in Sitges back in the 70s so I owe that one a visit! 😀

    • Alex
      August 23 2011

      Oh my god, you need to interview him about that! Although some things you might not want to know 🙂 What a cool dad!

  • PostcardFromBrooklyn
    August 22 2011

    We did Ibiza three years in a row, it kills us that we’re this close and aren’t going. If your still their, I highly recommend going to Carmine’s in Cala d’Hort and getting the paella mixto. It’s one of our favorite places on earth!

    • Alex
      August 23 2011

      Sadly I am long gone at this point! It was such a fun trip, I’d love to go back again someday. Maybe when I have a bigger budget 🙂

  • Alexis
    August 31 2011

    I studied abroad in Barcelona, and I wanted to go to Ibiza! Sadly, we didn’t have the time, but thanks for the great info! It’s always hard to figure out what to wear to a club and how much to spend.

    • Alex
      September 1 2011

      I know, Alexis! That’s how I find myself late at night googling “Ibiza Clubs” and trying to see what people are wearing in the background. Ha.

  • Ben
    August 27 2017

    Ibiza looks like a happening place – I had not idea if was so expensive though.

    • Alex
      September 20 2017

      I’d love to go back now and enjoy it as someone with a bit more financial flexibility 🙂

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