During the whole Eat, Pray, Love hysteria going on this year (I really need to read the book and see what all the drama is about!) I stumbled across this poll on my Facebook news feed.

facebook poll

Come on, Facebook users. Out of 181,064 of you, only 16,295.76 would choose India? (Why yes, I do own a calculator). Personally, I’ve been having a little love affair with the idea of India lately so maybe I’m seeing things with rose-colored glasses. I suppose there is the pollution, the overcrowding and the famous Delhi Belly. But BALI?! Only 23,538.32 of you want to go to Bali?! What of the unbeatable beaches, the fantastic coral reefs, the world-class surfing, the mystical culture, the wild nightlife?

I now have proof, I’m in the Facebook minority when it comes to travel preferences. But you know what? That’s just fine with me. I’m sure Italy is lovely, it just doesn’t call to me like the energetic coastline of Goa or the wild forests of Ubud. I know there’s the great wine and pizza and some lady with a great villa under the (Tuscan) sun, but I just don’t feel the draw that makes Italy the fifth most popular tourist destination in the world. I guess that makes more space on the beach in Goa for me.

no italy

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  • Caty
    May 16 2011

    Totally agree with you I’d pick India and Bali over Italy any day. And of course I’d make sure to stop by in Sri Lanka which is totally worth checking out! I´m delurking today and I have to say I really enjoy your blog and its nice to read about another dive instructor girlfriend!Love, Caty

    • Alex
      May 17 2011

      I’ve been hearing amazing things about Sri Lanka lately, may have to add it to the wander list! Thanks for delurking, I hope you stick around!

  • Cat
    May 17 2011

    Another delurker here lol. Been meaning to comment for quite some time on various posts but life gets busy and it hasn’t happened. I’ve followed your blog for a few months now, maybe end of 2010 sometime but can’t really remember. Anyway, I love reading about your adventures especially the diving. I got certified about 2 years ago but only been on about 10 dives, I need to fix that! Oh and in response to this post, I’ve got nothing against Italy either and have never been but of those 3, Bali is definitely the most intriguing to me probably in part thanks to blogs like yours!

    • Alex
      May 18 2011

      Hi Cat! Glad to meet another reader 🙂 Ten dives is a great start, that’s about how many I had when I arrived in the Cayman Islands and that’s when I really began to appreciate diving. Now I miss the water so much when I’m away!

  • I just saw this in your “related to” posts at the bottom of your panama one. How sad that so few people want to come to India! You’re right Goa has a draw to it- but if they don’t feel “drawn” per se, I guess it’s not the right place for them anyways. They’ve be the ones killing my good vibessss!

    • Alex
      April 20 2014

      Ha, wow this old post! And yes, consider yourself lucky in that way I think 🙂

  • Maddy
    June 9 2014

    Maybe it has to do with that whole “when you’re traveling you want to experience something totally new and different and out of your comfort zone” thing? Some people (cough, newbie travelers like myself) aim for the “familiar” at first to get their feet wet… so maybe Italy is just a little more familiar?

    Of course now having seen all of your island pictures I would love to visit Bali. Oh em gee.

    • Alex
      December 17 2016

      Just going through old posts reformatting and don’t know how I missed this comment 🙂 I miss ya, Maddy! <3

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