By the time you read this, Mark and I are going to be sitting on a plane sipping complimentary rum punch on the way to our next adventure. We’ve been planning it since before I got here for the summer and I can’t believe the day is finally here. Some people might consider it a luxury to go on a two week vacation when we already live on a tropical island, and they are totally right. It does say something about us though that we have spent all summer in a cushy developed island looking forward to our third world adventure.

We’re starting in La Ceiba, a coastal town where we’re staying in a remote jungle lodge and hiking, biking and whitewater rafting for a few days while we try to remember what hills looks like. Then we are heading, big surprise, back to the beach. We are splitting our time between two of the Bay Islands, Roatan and Utila. We’re going to dive, explore, and scope them out for future employment opportunities. And the part I’m really excited about, four of my girlfriends who I’ve been missing for months are coming to meet us in Utila for Sunjam, a 1,500 person music festival on a remote water cay!

I’m not sure how easy it will be to post but I have tons of posts scheduled for the next week so keep tuning in and hopefully I’ll be able to post updates along the way, if not look forward to full trip coverage upon return!

And in case things go down and you need a recent photo to show the embassy, here’s one taken in the last month. Haha, just kidding mom. Don’t call the embassy.

Family Photos


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  • Margaret
    July 26 2010

    Well as you continue to travel the globe, I assume returning the nifty fifty is still in the plans. If Mark comes back to visit at some point why not show him one the 7 wonders right here in my back yard? As B-O-R-I-N-G as Niagara Falls seems (and is, really), he probably should see it just to say he did and i know where you can stay – cheap!

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