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Greetings from Albany! I spent this weekend back in my hometown in order to cheers to the latest of my high school friends to tie the knot. It was a beautiful wedding and I was grateful that the bride texted me last year within hours of booking the venue and told me I better be present while she said I do — how could I not comply? And bonus! The night before the wedding, Aziz Ansari performed a surprise show at a comedy club four minutes from the house I grew up in, in a comedy club that used to be a Chinese restaurant. Apparently he wanted to work out some new material, and needed an intimate venue in which to do so. My mom and I talked our way into the final of three sold out showings, and I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. I felt so lucky to catch the show, in Albany of all places!

I had actually planned to spend the entire week upstate tying up loose ends from the summer and preparing for my next big takeoff, but when I realized that my mom, my pup and my sister were all going to be in Martha’s Vineyard I couldn’t stand kicking around in a big ‘ol house alone while they were all just a few hours away. So I hopped on a bus and squeezed in a last few magical Vineyard days before saying goodbye until next summer.

Tuesday is my big take off for the West Coast and beyond, and I won’t be returning back to New York until the spring. That’s a long time to say goodbye for, but there’s little time for nostalgia as I try to pack and prepare as many posts as possible before my departure time. Pre-trip nerves have begun to settle in as I take stock of my to-do list and watch the minutes run down on the clock!

Next week, I’ll be reporting from Las Vegas. But for now, a look back at the week past…

Photo A

Woods Hole FerrySunset over the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard

Photo B

Martha's Vineyard PhotographyMy favorite dog and my favorite cottage side door

Photo C

Martha's Vineyard Campmeeting Association CottageVineyard chic

Photo D

Martha's Vineyard Campmeeting Association CottageAt home in Oak Bluffs

Photo E

Crooked Lake House WeddingToasting to the new Mr. and Mrs. in Crooked Lake

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