This week was defined by (1) recovering from the illness I mentioned last week, (2) celebrating a dear friend’s birthday, and (3) going on my first ever visa run. The first demanded no photos, and evidence of the second is not meant for the internet. So that means Photo of the Week was taken on my visa run to Burma/Myanmar. Or as Mark likes to call it, our 13 hour holiday (that’s how long we were off the island, not how long we were out of the country. That total is more like 13 minutes).

Visa Run to Myanmar

This week’s Photo of the Week was taken from the boat that took us from one border to the other. Both Thailand (foreground) and Myanmar/Burma (background) are visible in this photo.

Happy Weekend, internet. Or at least what is left of it.

  • Dad
    January 29 2012

    So the process when you step across the border must be pretty simple

    • Alex
      January 30 2012

      Well, not quite simple, but well rehearsed. Everyone knows what you are there to do! I will write a full post about the process in the future.

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