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Astute readers may have noticed that there was no Photo of the Week 65 last Sunday. I had spent the weekend in Boston and had a great photo from downtown that I was all set to post when I arrived back in Albany and realized my point-and-shoot camera was missing. Somewhere between looking at photos in my dad’s condo in Boston on Sunday morning and my parent’s house in Albany on Sunday afternoon, the camera went missing. A neighbor with a key scoured the condo for us (my dad is currently in the process of moving to Philadelphia, so the condo is empty) and didn’t spot it! It’s such a mystery but with my trip to Hawaii fast approaching my options were to spent 7 hours and $65 in gas driving back to look for the camera myself or to just buy a new one and hope the old one shows up later. With the crazy amount of pre-trip work I had to do for Hawaii I chose to go the pricey buy-new-camera option. Fingers crossed the old one shows up and I can sell the new one!

Anyway, I’m hoping to make a book out of these weekly photos at some point so I can’t just skip one. In light of the camera-napping circumstances I feel it’s okay to cheat a little and choose one of my favorite photos from the summer as a stand in for….

Photo of the Week 65

Hoffman's Ice Cream, Latham, New York

Now. Onto the current week! Yesterday I strolled down to Larkfest, a street art, block-party style event that is  Upstate New York’s largest one-day street festival. There were so many amazing local vendors featured, and I love local Albany events like this so much that I’m planning on doing a full post about it in the future. For now, a sneak peek….

Photo A

Larkfest, Albany, New York

Keys for sale in front of one of downtown Albany’s brownstones.

Photo B

Larkfest, Albany, New York

Creative art from Weathered Wood in Troy, New York.

Have you lost a camera or been to any fun local events lately? Ha. Which photo is your favorite?

  • Dad
    September 16 2012

    Only two to choose from??? The keys are a more interesting picture since there is story for every key…..intriquing.

    • Alex
      September 16 2012

      Well, I’ve got to shake things up every once in a while 🙂

  • Olivia Baackes
    September 16 2012

    Have to disagree with you, Dad…. I am for Photo B this week!

    • Alex
      September 16 2012

      Thanks for the votes!

  • Fidel @IHarTravel
    September 17 2012

    Astute reader here who took a two month hiatus from writing and reading blogs 🙂
    Glad to be back and I need to catch up. The Photos of the Week are some of my favorite posts of yours though.
    I select A because I love the perspective from which you shot from. Shooting up, rather than straight at the necklaces, it makes then look almost suspended in air and also gives the brownstone in the background a larger feel.
    Great shot!

    • Alex
      September 18 2012

      Fidel I’ve been wondering where you were 🙂 I’ve missed your comments — I’m glad you’re back!

  • Hannah
    September 17 2012

    A – This is such a great shot, you have an amazing eye Alex. I loved the Week 65 photo too, great choice 🙂

    • Alex
      September 18 2012

      Thanks Hannah! I feel like my Photos of the Week have been a little, er, weak while I’ve been home. I’m hoping for some crazy good ones now that I’m in Hawaii 🙂

  • Chris Shaw
    September 19 2012

    Interesting! It’s close,…but I choose B!!!! Have fun out there!!

    • Alex
      September 20 2012

      Thanks! It’s beautiful here, can’t wait to start posting about it already!

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