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ang thong national park

For those of you just joining us, I am recapping, in excruciating detail, my family and friends’ trip to visit me in Thailand over the holidays. We started in Bangkok, then hopped down to Koh Tao, and now we’re in Koh Samui! At the rate I’m going I hope to complete this post series by Christmas… Read more

Read Part I of my Ang Thong Trip recap here. I woke up on day two of our trip to Ang Thong Marine Park feeling nothing but excitement. I hadn’t been diving since our day out on the boat in Ibiza– and before that I had been out of the water since my liveaboard trip in… Read more

Finding The Beach at Ang Thong thumbnail

It was only my first weekend in Koh Tao, and I was already on a boat chugging away from it. We were heading to Ang Thong National Marine Park, a protected area of islands in the Gulf of Thailand and also the setting for the infamous Alex Garland backpacking novel, The Beach. The park is mostly… Read more

Photo of the Week 9 thumbnail

What a wild week its been. Bridging the gap from Europe to Asia, I finally reached Thailand. I’ll be here for a long time now and it’s been a ride settling into my new home. But you’ll read about it soon enough… This week’s Photo of the Week is from the Ang Thong National Marine Park… Read more