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It was only my first weekend in Koh Tao, and I was already on a boat chugging away from it. We were heading to Ang Thong National Marine Park, a protected area of islands in the Gulf of Thailand and also the setting for the infamous Alex Garland backpacking novel, The Beach. The park is mostly visited by day trips from Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan, but Mark was working as divemaster for a new overnight trip by Roctopus Dive in Koh Tao. Not willing to let him have all the fun, I tagged along to document the trip.

Ang Thong Marine Park Trip Koh Tao

The ocean was rough when we left Koh Tao, and so the journey took several hours. It was a beautiful moment when we first laid eyes on the 42 islands that make up the marine park rising dramatically out of the sea. Unfortunately, I was saddened but not surprised to see fishing boats in what is meant to be a protected area.

Ang Thong Marine Park Trip Koh Tao

Our destination was Ko Wua Talab, which acts as Ang Thong’s little tourism hub. There is a visitor’s center, overnight accommodation, and the kind of beaches that postcards are made of.

Ang Thong Marine Park Trip Koh Tao

What Wua Talab doesn’t have are bars, travel agents, and the other trappings of many Thai islands, leaving only unspoiled nature for amusement. The easily accessible area is small, holding a beautiful beach backed by a picturesque valley and flanked by two tall cliffs.  I can totally see why Tilda Swinton would want to start a hippie commune here. (What? You’re saying that movie wasn’t a documentary?)

Ang Thong Marine Park Trip Koh Tao

There are two options for resting your head at night: charming basic cabins or camping in tents. Both were included in Roctopus’s tour price, and so we chose the cute bungalow.

Ang Thong Marine Park Trip Koh Tao

Ang Thong Marine Park Trip Koh Tao

Having no real town, no roads, no shops, and only the most basic tourism facilities, Ang Thong was like no where I’ve ever been in Thailand. Showing off the kind of keen metaphor skills that I hope will make me a great travel writer some day (please tell me the sarcasm isn’t lost here), I said to Mark that everyone looked like groups of apes from Animal Planet outtakes. Sitting in groups, moving slowly, snacking on things. But what was the rush? There was nowhere to be but right there.

Ang Thong Marine Park Trip Koh Tao

As appealing as it seemed to relax in the valley and on the beach like a laid back orangutan, we decided to hit the water. The park ranger had warned that the main beach was only good for snorkeling very early in the morning, but we decided to explore anyway. After all, Mark pointed out that I had worn my most practical water sports bikini. (Sarcasm again!)

Ang Thong Marine Park Trip Koh Tao

The park ranger was right. The boats bringing day trips to and fro has stirred up far too much gunk to be able to see anything. Unless you are staying overnight and go first thing in the morning, don’t bother snorkeling here.

Ang Thong Marine Park Trip Koh Tao

A better option is to rent kayaks and check out some of the other beaches. They cost 500 baht and are usually not included in tour prices, so if you are visiting the park to be sure to ask your tour operator if that’s part of the package. A few people in our group did this and had a great time.

Ang Thong Marine Park Trip Koh Tao

We chose the free option for entertainment: hiking the the island’s viewpoint, hailed by Lonely Planet as the most beautiful vista in all of Thailand. It’s 500 meters of pretty treacherous trail. Luckily, I had brought my most practical hiking shoes once again. My flip flops.

Ang Thong Marine Park Trip Koh Tao

Despite being overcast, it was a hot, humid day. The climb was broken up by viewpoints every 100 meters. They only got more and more beautiful, egging us on to the top.

Ang Thong Marine Park Trip Koh Tao

Ang Thong Marine Park Trip Koh Tao

When I saw what we had to do to get to the top viewing platform, I burst out laughing. We would have to cling for dear life to a thin rope laid out over sheer cliffs plunging to the jungle and ocean below. Only in Thailand.

Thank goodness I had those flip flops.

Ang Thong Marine Park Trip Koh Taoputting the self timer to use

The views were worth it. We remarked how amazing it would be to watch the sunset from this vantage point. Unfortunately, with no lights and the trail being what it was, it would also be a suicide mission. So we headed back down before dusk.

Ang Thong Marine Park Trip Koh TaoMark sporting his Roctopus t-shirt, the most popular garment in Koh Tao

As I was struggling down the trail, I saw Mark stop dead in his tracks ahead of me. Then I heard it too: the sound of monkeys playing in the jungle around us. Soon we spotted them, black furry things jumping from branch to branch. They even had a teeny orange baby monkey with them! I love zoos as much as anyone, but there is nothing like seeing a wild animal in its natural habitat.

Ang Thong Marine Park Trip Koh Tao

When we reached the valley we ran over excitedly to brag tell the group what we had seen. But they were a bit distracted watching their own monkey show! We plonked down on the grass with the rest and watched the little guys play as the sun went down. The day trippers had all gone home, giving us a private viewing.

Ang Thong Marine Park Trip Koh Tao

After such an active day, we weren’t bothered a bit by the lack of evening activities on the island.  We were going straight for the bungalow. And good thing, because we had a big day ahead of us… Stay tuned to hear about our diving adventures in the marine park!

Ang Thong Marine Park Trip Koh Tao

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I didn’t take as much video as I had planned to, but I did have a few clips that help explain what a special place Ang Thong is. It’s only 30 seconds, so enjoy!

  • Dad
    October 10 2011

    OK I read this one after I read the day two post. Still National Gepographic quality in some these photos too. And what tan you are getting girl.

  • Roy patterson
    October 10 2011

    Amazing post again Alex!

  • Olivia
    October 13 2011

    I want to go here when I’m in Thailand!

    • Alex
      October 14 2011

      It’s already in the cards!

  • Patrick
    September 10 2012

    Yes, I recognize myself in this. The climb up to the viewpoint was one of the most difficult “walks” I’ve made. In Europe you would certainly be tied on a secure line 🙂

    The view was awesome! Well worth it.

    Most difficult and dangerous was the way down. The climb up was easy compared to the crawl down on the sheer spiky sharp cliff with 150m drop to jungle/ocean was dangerous.

    • Alex
      September 10 2012

      Well as we always said in Thailand — safety seventh! Ha.

  • Thomas
    February 10 2013

    Hi there!

    We’re going to Thailand this july, and among many places, we’re going to visit Koh Samui for 10 days.

    We’ve talked about going to Angthong Marine Park and stay there for 2 nights. Can you recommend the bungalows, and – this might be a stupid question 🙂 – but do they have aircon or just a fan? Mosq. net?

    Information about these bungalows is really difficult to find 🙂

    Btw, found your blog from a Google search, and you are doing great! Very exciting stuff to read and follow!

    Thanks in advance from Denmark!

    • Alex
      February 12 2013

      Hi Thomas! The Angthong Marine Park has lovely little bungalows, quite basic with nice fans and I don’t believe mosquito nets were necessary. I stayed over for one night and loved it! It was a while ago though, so I apologize I don’t remember more details!

  • Darren Leong
    May 26 2014

    Definitely I want hike up to the viewpoint! Is is safe? got other people hiking with? Or just both of you? 🙂

    • Alex
      May 28 2014

      Just the two of us hiked up there, but we passed others along the way! It’s definitely totally safe. Good luck!

  • Silvia
    January 27 2015

    Ang Thor Marine Park seems incredible and even more having the opportunity to stay overnight.
    I have been looking through the internet but have found no way to book online! I’ve read there are only 6 bungalows available (??) so I am guessing they’ll all be booked if i wait till last minute.
    How did you book them and how much time in advance?

    • Alex
      January 28 2015

      Hey Silvia, when I stayed overnight it was part of a diving trip from Koh Tao so I did not arrange my own accommodation. As there are no ferries running into the park I assume most people are there as part of a tour. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

  • Sandy Millin
    March 15 2015

    Hi Alex,
    As others have said it’s very difficult to find information about these bungalows. It looks like an amazing place and I’d love to stay there. Is there anywhere to get/cook food in/near the bungalows or do you have to take everything with you? I know it was a while ago, but hoping you can remember!
    Thanks a lot,
    Sandy Millin recently posted..Terry Pratchett

    • Alex
      March 15 2015

      Hey Sandy! Yes… it has been a very very long time 🙂 There are no shops of any kind on the island, or there weren’t when I was there. I can’t recall if there were cooking facilities or not — but if there are, you would have to bring your ingredients with you. Well, assuming things haven’t changed! I feel a bit strange advising either way as my experience is probably so out of date by now! Apologies it’s been so frustrating to research, wish I could be more helpful.

      • Sandy Millin
        March 16 2015

        Thanks for such a quick reply Alex, and it is helpful! While I’d love to stay on the islands, I don’t think it’ll work for me because of my health requirements. What a shame!
        Sandy Millin recently posted..Delta conversations: Anthony

  • Mona
    April 23 2015

    Dear Alex, I really enjoyed reading Your rewiev,(I share Your sense of humor) and would love to bring my family to the islands. Do You remember the number of beds in the bungalow? Did You have to bring a sleeping bag? I did not find this information on the official website.

    • Alex
      April 24 2015

      Hi Mona, unfortunately it’s been about five years since I was there and so I don’t remember any of the details. I know we did not bring sleeping bags as we didn’t own any! But I can’t comment on the number of beds. Apologies I can’t be more helpful!

  • Katja Korshøj
    May 18 2015

    Here you can read all about it, you have to book from home for the bungalows
    and there is a restaurint

    • Alex
      May 18 2015

      Thank you for that link Katja! Super helpful 🙂

  • Rachel
    June 3 2015

    Hi Alex!

    I’m hoping to make a trip out to Ang Thong from Koh Samui at the end of this month – am I able to get a ferry to-from the area without doing a pre-packaged tour? That hike looks amazing, and it would be nice to do that and kayak at my own pace, without being confined to a tour schedule.

    Also, thank you so much for this website! It has been amazingly helpful in my trip planning. I discovered Roctopus through your blog and just booked my OW course with them – I can’t wait to get started!

    • Alex
      June 3 2015

      Hey Rachel, unless things have changed in the last few months (which I highly doubt considering this is a National Park) there is no regular ferry service. Enjoy Roctopus — tell them I said hi!

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