I didn’t get as many participants in last week’s Photo of the Week poll, but I’m trying it again, because I’m indecisive! You guys have really surprised me with your favorites in the past, so its fun for me to see the results.

Photo A

Koh Tao Sunset

Our friend Nadia arrived in Koh Tao and quickly earned the jealousy of everyone on the island for landing a place with the best view in Thailand. The sunsets lately have been fantastic.

Photo B

Kitten in a Sangsom Box

I helped my friend Kat take her cat to the Koh Tao Animal Clinic today, which in many ways is much more of an ordeal here in Koh Tao than in would be in the west. It required us putting the terrified kitty into a Sangsom (the infamous Thai whiskey) box and having me hold it on the back of the motorbike as Kat drove slowly to the other side of the island. On the other hand, there were no intake forms, no appointment times, and it cost a whopping 850 Baht (about $27) for neutering and all vaccinations.

You might remember the clinic as the reason I came to Thailand the first time two years ago. You can find those posts (and many more) under the Thailand category above.

So, what do you think should be Photo of the Week? Don’t be shy! Vote below!

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  • Briony
    October 7 2011

    Any picture of a cat wins for me! What a beaut of a sunset though lovely.

  • Laura
    October 7 2011

    Hi Alex,
    Choosing a picture was tough but I’m choosing the cat because your caption story brings the whole picture to a new dimension…I can just see you on the back of the scooter holding that box with the cat poking his head out…probably thinking WTH ? 🙂 LOL

    • Alex
      October 8 2011

      The poor little guy was not happy! He lives a pretty cushy life in a bungalow on a hill though, so I wouldn’t want to leave either!

  • Gotta go with 1, because I’m a sucker for pink sunsets!

  • Dad
    October 7 2011

    A best pic
    B best story behind the pic

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