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The Great Escape: Month 46 Roundup thumbnail

Month 46 was dedicated entirely to Guatemala, as I slowly worked my way from El Salvador toward the Belizean border. Guatemala was the last Central American country I had yet to visit, and probably one of the most anticipated arrivals. Perhaps that’s too much for a place to live up to, as I don’t gush about… Read more

Climbing Pacaya

At some point during my two weeks in Antigua, I got the feeling that I should “do tourism.” This guilt starts to plague me occasionally when it’s been a while since I saw a sight, signed up for an activity or did anything, really, outside my comfortable non-travel travel routine of working, working out, and “researching”… Read more

The Thing About Guatemala thumbnail

The thing about Guatemala is, I didn’t really love it. There. I don’t believe in suspense — who needs the anxiety? Guatemala. I first bought a guidebook for this country over six years ago, when I was still studying in Brooklyn, though it took me up until this trip to finally make my way to its… Read more


Greetings from Guatemala City! I spent the last week unexpectedly returning to Antigua and then, thrillingly, heading back to the beach for a weekend in Monterrico with my friends from Brooklyn. While Monterrico is a low-key destination mostly popular with domestic tourists, I was thrilled to have my toes back in the sand, and to put… Read more

Antigua Guatemala

Greetings from Guatemala! Crossing the border, I realized that twelve years after I first touched down in Belize, I have now visited every country in Central America. I can’t wait to discover this sixth piece of the puzzle — and then to start over and visit them all again for the second and third times, because… Read more