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A Taste of Belgium: The Brussels Chocolate Tour thumbnail

Brussels and I got off to a rough start. But I can never hold grudges for long — especially against a country as delicious as this one. Ask any traveler with a Belgian stamp in their passport about their experience and it’s likely they’ll get a hazy look in their eye as they dreamily recall waffles… Read more

A Bumpy Start to Belgium thumbnail

Twenty-five, I thought, as the plane prepared for landing. Twenty-five. I made it. While I’m much more about racking up experiences than passport stamps, I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that upon arrival in Belgium, I had reached my goal — albeit a very casual one — of visiting twenty-five countries before my twenty-fifth… Read more

Photo of the Week 163: Belgium thumbnail

Whew! Apologies for the jumbled posting schedule this week, but getting out of Belgium really threw me for a loop. My eight days in the country started off pretty rocky and while frustrations continued to pile up, all was forgiven upon arrival at Tomorrowland with one of my fave travel buddies by my side. Going entirely… Read more