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Chiang mai

Design Hostels of Southeast Asia thumbnail

Southeast Asia has long been reigned by the simple guesthouse or the luxurious five-star resort — something for the backpackers, and something for the jetsetters. But a new class of flashpacking traveler has emerged — a backpacker at heart but on a budget with wiggle room; someone willing to splurge a bit in the name of… Read more

Let’s Start with Boiling Water: A Chiang Mai Cooking Class for the Domestically Challenged thumbnail

If you asked me friends to describe me I would like to think they might mention my fierce loyalty, or my thoughtful gift giving skills. But in reality, they probably get in a jab about my creative driving or, more infamously, my total lack of skill when it comes to matters of the kitchen. This reputation… Read more

Walking with Giants thumbnail

We send postcards around the world featuring their image, buy t-shirts emblazoned with their silhouettes, drink beer by their name, gasp when we see them through the fence at zoos, and often pay great sums for the opportunity to observe, touch, and ride them. We are fascinated, captivated by these animals. Elephants are magnificent creatures —… Read more

Thai Massage Monday thumbnail

My love for Thailand runs deep and wide, meaning I would be hard pressed to narrow down a list of my favorite things about it. But there is one thing I know without hesitation — Thai massages would make the top five. From 120 baht cheapies in a room full of people to beachside pummelings with… Read more

Giving Chiang Mai a Second Chance thumbnail

Last year, I was surprised to find that I just wasn’t feeling Chiang Mai. Surprised, because this is the city that travelers, bloggers and digital nomads simply love to love. But you know? I just didn’t really get it. On this return trip to Northern Thailand I was keen to spend as little time there as… Read more

Photo of the Week 87 thumbnail

Hey readers! This week found me continuing my exploration of Northern Thailand and having lots of touristy fun along the way. I’ve been traveling with someone I met in Hawaii, and it has definitely inversed my typical work/travel balance (which typically leans much more heavily on work!) Having a travel buddy has a lot of benefits… Read more

Photo of the Week 86 thumbnail

This week saw me leaving Chiang Mai to explore more of Northern Thailand. Before I left Thailand’s second largest city, I played tourist a bit by taking a one day massage course at NAMO and going to hang out with the big beauties at Elephant Nature Park! Interacting with elephants in such a nurturing and intimate… Read more

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