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The Great Escape: Month 32 Roundup thumbnail

You know how first time travelers get overexcited about being on the road for the first time and totally overschedule themselves trying to do and see it all and then eventually crash and burn? Despite the fact that I had years of travel under my belt when I touched down in Latin America, I made the… Read more

Magnetic Mindo thumbnail

Our time in Ecuador was following a clear pattern — Montañita, thumbs up; Guayaquil, thumbs down; Baños, thumbs way up; Quito, thumbs down. So obviously, Mindo was going to be a thumbs up, right? You can’t argue with science. (You can, however, argue quite passionately with a science teacher, as my high school experience repeatedly confirmed.)… Read more

Have we really been in Ecuador for three weeks? In some ways it feels like three days; in others, three months. We spent the bulk of the past one in Quito taking advantage of great internet and catching up on work — and torrential downpours played along by allowing us to spend the days indoors guilt-free… Read more