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Sky High Fun

Father’s Day from Above: A Helicopter Ride over Los Angeles thumbnail

When you travel or live abroad long term, it’s inevitable that you’re going to miss a lot of the important little holidays and events that you don’t really realize are so special until you don’t have the choice to be around for them. Like Father’s Day, for example. Ever since I started spending more of them away… Read more

Soaring Over The Land of Samba: Hang Gliding in Rio de Janeiro thumbnail

Hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro was just one of those things I had to do. Back when I was a distracted student sketching maps of Brazil in the back of my math notebooks, I must have come across a guidebook or an early blog post that highlighted it as a top attraction — because while… Read more

Miles Over Miami: A Sightseeing Flight of South Beach thumbnail

Let me just preface this by saying that I didn’t mean to become the blogger obsessed with air tours. It just kind of happened. It all started many take-offs ago in Las Vegas, when I decided an aerial view of the city’s neon lights would be the perfect birthday kick-off. Then came Hawaii, where the only… Read more

New Orleans from Above thumbnail

My time in New Orleans was up, and it was time to fly away from what was quickly becoming one of my favorite world cities. But first, it was time to fly over it. The weather was somewhat moody throughout my visit, and our VIP Sightseeing Flight got bumped back until it could get bumped back… Read more

Happiness High above Haleakala thumbnail

It’s hauntingly beautiful, immensely geographically and culturally significant, and home to more adrenaline-boosting activity options than you could cram into a week. The massive Haleakala volcano is Maui’s highest peak and makes up 75% of the island’s landmass — Haleakala is Maui, in so many ways. Hiking through the Haleakala National Park was one of the… Read more

Adventures Off The Strip: Helicoptering Over The Grand Canyon thumbnail

Okay, so you’ve read quite a bit about my trip to Las Vegas with Travel Nevada (not to be confused with my trip to Las Vegas with my girlfriends a month before — I told you, I’m an addict!) I ziplined Boulder Canyon, I visited a winery, I saw a Cirque show, I toured a brothel… Read more

Adventures Off The Strip: Ziplining in Bootleg Canyon thumbnail

My most recent trip to Nevada was all about exploring an alternative side to the Silver State. Sure, we slept in Las Vegas and stuck to the neon lights at night, but our days were all about stimulation off the Strip. The pursuit of one such adventure brought us to nearby Boulder City to explore Bootleg… Read more