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Confession: I Didn’t Love Jerusalem thumbnail

Well, the title kind of says it all. I have to admit, I didn’t love Jerusalem. Those of you who read my initial Middle East trip announcement may recall that I already wasn’t feeling very drawn there, even in the planning stages. Yet, when you travel to Israel, you just kinda have to. It must be in some… Read more

Diving the Red, Dead, and Med: A Guide to Diving Israel’s Three Seas thumbnail

Israel: it doesn’t exactly spring to mind when considering the world’s top dive destinations. It doesn’t have world-class reefs, fleets of liveaboards, or wildly abundant marine life. But it does have something I haven’t found anywhere else in the world: the ability to, if the conditions are right, dive three seas in as many days. The… Read more

Why I Traveled to The Land of Milk and Honey thumbnail

­­ It’s interesting, isn’t it: out of the thirty-eight countries I’ve been blessed to visit, this is the first one I really feel the pressure to explain my desire to travel to. The majority of the world associates Israel with two things: religion, and politics. I don’t shy away from either, here on Alex in Wanderland… Read more

My Travel Plans for 2018 thumbnail

Yes, late February is a tad late for a post announcing anything to do with 2018. But what can I say, my plans took a little longer than usual this year to start coming together! In fact, I’m still in the thick of confirming loads of these, which does give me a small, minor heart attack every… Read more

Announcing My Next Adventure: To The Dead and Red Seas! thumbnail

Those of you who follow my writing closely and keep an eye on my social media have probably noticed a theme lately. I’ve been restless. Restless?! I hear some of you saying. But you travel all the time! Yes, that’s true. But I go to visit family, or hang out with friends, which is fantastic. I… Read more