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Open Minds and Open Bars: How Much Does Midburn Cost? thumbnail

Sign ups are rolling in for the latest Wander Women Retreat. Join us in St. Pete! It’s the big question when it comes to festival planning, after “how many days can a person subsist on glitter, protein bars, and disco naps?” How much is this whole thing going to cost ya? When it comes to Midburn… Read more

What I Spent on Wonderfruit thumbnail

So, while I’m still catching up on my ridiculously delayed 2016 travel recaps, I just can’t wait to start sharing my big trip (thus far) of 2017. So I’ll be jumping back and forth a bit again. Apologies for any confusion, my friends! It’s one of the biggest questions on any ravers mind when they start flirting with… Read more

Two Flights for Two: A Review of the Square Cash App thumbnail

As much as I love my solo travels, there’s nothing like a girlfriend getaway weekend, a big family trip, or a college buddy reunion to leave me looking like the heart-eyed emoji about travel again. The only aspect that tends to leave me frowning? Settling the bill! As the perpetual organizer of these kinds of outings… Read more

How Much Does Tomorrowland Brasil Cost? thumbnail

International music festivals don’t come cheap. But exactly how many dollars do you have to drop to attend Tomorrowland? The answer varies wildly — I’ve met festival goers who get by on the cheap by pitching their own tent, bringing in food and generally being frugal, and I’ve met straight up party people who drop what I… Read more

Blogaversary Five: How I Make and Spend Money Blogging thumbnail

“And Alex here is a professional travel blogger!” I cringe hearing the words come out of my travel companion’s mouth, and immediately starting looking for an escape route from the moving vehicle I’m currently riding in. The questions start firing from all directions. So you’re able to support yourself with that? Who pays for that? Yes… Read more

What $420 in Rent Buys You on Koh Tao thumbnail

Who’s ready for another edition of House Hunters International: Thailand Edition? It’s a little reality show I go through every time I return to Koh Tao and attempt to secure long-term accommodation. Compared to the real estate anguish I used to experience when apartment searching in New York, looking for a place to stay in Koh… Read more

Burning Man Budget 2015 thumbnail

A week without money – the gifting culture and decommodification of Burning Man is one of the things I love most about it. Still, while nothing can be bought or sold on the actual playa, anyone who has ever made it through the gates of black rock city knows it’s not cheap to get there. I… Read more