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General Planning

My Upcoming Travel Plans thumbnail

It’s become my tradition recently to start each fresh year with a post about my upcoming travel plans, a fun way to share what’s ahead and get myself dreaming about the year ahead. Things are a bit different for me right now and while I am traveling again part-time as of January, it’s loaded with a… Read more

My Travel Plans for 2018 thumbnail

Yes, late February is a tad late for a post announcing anything to do with 2018. But what can I say, my plans took a little longer than usual this year to start coming together! In fact, I’m still in the thick of confirming loads of these, which does give me a small, minor heart attack every… Read more

The Last Minute Wanderland Gift Guide For Travelers thumbnail

Good morning, fellow procrastinators! Did you wake up this morning and brace yourself to finish all your shopping over this final weekend before Christmas? Fear not — you can do so without so much as leaving the house. While I admit to starting my stockpile of gifts sometime in August, I always find that I put… Read more

Announcing My Next Adventure: To The Dead and Red Seas! thumbnail

Those of you who follow my writing closely and keep an eye on my social media have probably noticed a theme lately. I’ve been restless. Restless?! I hear some of you saying. But you travel all the time! Yes, that’s true. But I go to visit family, or hang out with friends, which is fantastic. I… Read more

Partying Around the Planet: The Best Nightlife Trips To Take In Your Twenties thumbnail

We’ve all seen it, rolled our eyes on it, or pressed “like” on it, depending on our perspectives – a Facebook photos of a youthful person playing a board game or cooking dinner or doing crafts on their couch on a Friday night with the caption “LOL, I’m so old!” First of all – crafts are… Read more

How One Professional Flyer Manages Flight Anxiety thumbnail

It’s hard to believe these days, but once upon a time, I was a fearless flyer. I’d giddily look forward to being in flight as my “me time” when I could disconnect from the world and relax. My more anxiety-prone friends would vie to sit next to me since I’d just laugh and reassure them when… Read more

Florida Fanatic: My Summer Plans for the Sunshine State thumbnail

Happy Thursday! This post is sponsored by AVIS
. “How did you end up here?” I can’t help it – it’s one of my favorite questions. When I talk to other travelers on the road, my insatiable curiosity kicks in and I always want to know how they picked this destination, what their itinerary is, and why they chose… Read more